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Oh, whoa Poreless me!!

I hate when my pores are the size of the o-zone layer (global warming is happening right now, on my face)! there are countless products on the market that claim to make pores “disappear” , but its hard to find one that truly works for our so beautifully unique skin types. It’s even worst when […]


Hot Pants Make me DaNce

I have mix feelings about this uber short shorts. Show some legs is always a two thumbs up in my book, but how many of us have those Victoria Secret legs that can look good in these things ( I still wonder why there called hot pants, I mean hello they are anything, but pants!). […]


Race to Lace

Although I when I think of wearing lace, the first thought that comes to mind is a wedding dress. (i.e. Grace Kelly) But Dolce and Gabanna have turned it into the new symbol of sexiness. With the spring coming into full swing I cant think of any other piece that I dying to have in […]