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This winter women no longer have to freeze or be exposed. To accomplish a sexy and powerful look purchase a playsuit. The sleek and simple playsuit embodies sexiness, by providing a body hugging garment, accentuating your curves from head to toe. Playsuits come in all shapes and sizes. Loose, fitted, short or long. Whatever the […]


The Tom Trend

  Looking for comfort and style! Every girl needs TOM, a new light-weight and inexpensive way to stay trendy. This unique re-invented loafer has been a hot topic ever since its arrival on the fashion scene. The most rewarding part about wearing this shoe is not only staying in style, but you are helping the […]


Stripe Craze

        Stripes can be unbelievable versatile, and ridiculously fashionable. Most girls stay away from stripes because of its negative connotation of making the body look wider. This is not the case if worn correctly! Stripes can be dressed up or dressed down, and even mix matched with other stripped patterns.  On a […]