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How to Style Boots for the Summer

As the seasons change, we start to open the boxes of summer clothes, go on a shopping spree, or transition our tank tops and shorts to the front of our closet. The sandals, shorts, tank tops, flowy dresses, and bathing suits come out. The sweaters, coats, and heavy fabrics go to the back of our wardrobe […]


Best Creative Apps To Edit Your Photos

Your social media says a lot about you, so what do you want your message to be? The photos you take make up a majority of what gets presented. Taking the photo is the first part, and then the fun comes – the editing. I love editing photos for Instagram, other platforms, or just to […]


4 Easy to Make Cocktails & Mocktails for Summertime

Each season comes with its own set of cocktail pairings. Here are four easy to make cocktails and mocktails for summer. I recognize that not everyone drinks alcohol, or you might want to make these drinks the younger members of your family, so I have included a virgin version or mocktail for each drink. Next time […]


Social Distance Friendly Summertime Activities

As the United States starts to open up, we seem to be in an ‘enter at your own risk’ kind of situation. For those of you in areas where businesses are still closed or you don’t feel safe resuming all normal activities, there are plenty of social distance friendly summertime activities. The way we live […]


Sustainable Kitchen Swaps

The easiest way to transition to a sustainable and eco-friendly way of living is to look at your garbage. Your garbage will tell you what area of your life is contributing the most waste. Is it your closet, your bathroom, or your kitchen? For my family, the kitchen creates the most waste. So, here are […]


Mental Health Morning Routine To Start Your Day Right

One thing we all strive for is to be happy and live the life we desire. Of course, this looks different for each of us, but it is a universal desire of all people. The hard part is achieving that state. Some people find it easy, while some spend their entire life trying to achieve […]


How to Style Loungewear Trends

With more of us staying at home, sweats and loungewear are becoming a huge trend. This effortless look is easy to rock, and great loungewear pieces should be staples in everyone’s wardrobes. For 2020, the best styles when shopping for loungewear are all black basics, tie-dye pieces, matching sweat sets, oversized graphic t-shirts/sweatshirts, and bike […]


At Home Latte Recipes to Replace Regular Coffee

If your quarantine is going anything like mine, multiple cups of coffee a day are involved. After a while, regular home-made coffee just doesn’t do the trick anymore, and I find myself missing a beautiful latte with frothy foam on top. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have drive-thru lines a mile long, and you can’t sit […]

showcase the photoshoot ideas that you can do at home

5 Photoshoot Ideas You Can Do At Home

Usually my Instagram page is full of photos of friends, travel, or delicious restaurant food. Unfortunately, quarantine transitioned my life and my socials to being home-based. We all have plenty of skill when it comes to the traditional selfies, photos of our filled coffee mugs, and mirror outfit shots. It can seem hard to branch […]

Self care essentials

Staple Sustainable Self-Care Essentials You Need in Your Routine

Madonna sang, “we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl” over 20 years ago. She released that song in 1984, but it is even more prominent now. So much of our lives are driven by having, getting, or using various material things. When buying something, most of us only think […]

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