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Riddles and Jokes to Use on Your Family This Thanksgiving

We’ve all been there: we love our family, but the last time we saw a number of them, we were in pigtails and they were pinching our cheeks. For some people, it may be that we are completely comfortable with our family, but we need something to pass the time besides football and the parade […]


6 Ways to Wear a Scarf

The leaves are falling, the pumpkins are sprouting, and the apple cider is brewing. This can all mean one thing: Cold weather is here, and fun fashion along with it. We couldn’t speak of fall fashion without the staple of fall fashion: scarves. Here are a few stylish ways to wear a scarf. 1. Belt it Does your scarf […]


How to Boost Your Metabolism

It’s true, metabolic rates are most of the time written in your genetic code. Yet, don’t let your genetic history predetermine your metabolic rate! Here are a few easy ways to get your body burning more calories and boost your metabolism. B Vitamins and Magnesium A lack of B Vitamins can leave you tired, depressed, and […]


4 Tips to Keep Yourself From Overeating on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday, which means that delectable, tender turkey is close to melting on our palettes…hold up, not so fast! Before you let your mouth water any further, it is important to know how to not overeat on Thanksgiving to the point your pants are too constricting. Here are some tips to […]


Fall Wine Cocktails

wine cocktails

Fall is the season of coziness, thanksgiving, togetherness, falling leaves, and for us, great fall wine cocktails. Use these recipes when entertaining your friends and family, for the adult table on Thanksgiving. You can even use them into the Holiday season! Spiced Red Wine (courtesy of You’ll need: 1 bottle of red wine (such […]


Do Dogs Prolong Life?

Sit. Stay. Improve my life? Have you ever wondered if dogs prolong life? We know dogs are good for cuddling, and they’re “awww”-some, but can they create a better lifestyle? Multiple studies have shown that having a dog around the house can improve your quality of life, and thereby doing so, create benefits that have […]