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D.I.Y Ombre Nail Polish Effect

Step 1 What you will need. Freshly manicured nails, colors of choice, triangle sponger applicator, wooden cuticle pusher and nail polish remover.

There are so many great nail art options out there that sometimes you don’t even know which style to choose from.  I picked up a few nail art techniques from the stylish, trendsetting nail salons that I visited quite often while I was over there. My favorite technique is the ombre effect using a triangle […]


How To Wear Red, White and Blue For The 4th of July!

I’d liked to call this post “A Canadian girl’s how to wear red, white and blue for the 4th of July” but I thought that might be a little too long lol. I just want to put the disclaimer out there that I’m not American but happily celebrate the 4th of July for my American […]


Power Of The Pony Tail

bangs and pony tail combo

Admit it, after a long day at work the first thing you do when you get home is put your hair in a pony tail. In my case, I flip my hair up into some sort of bird’s nest that sits at the top of my head that my hair clip magically holds in place, […]