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9 Makeup Tips for Fair-Skinned Beauties

This one is for the pale girls. You know who I’m talking about. The girls who burn after ten minutes in the sun. The girls who are constantly asked if they are sick in the wintertime, even if they feel fit as a fiddle. The girls who would NEVER get a spray-tan because they know […]


5 Things You Should Tell Your Dad Today

In honor of Father’s Day we have made a list of 5 days you should tell your dad today. 1. Thank you for sitting through my soccer games, mediocre school plays, band concerts, and graduations. These were not fun events, and you gave up your free time to support me, and you did it with […]


Tips for Outlet Shopping Success

Summer’s here, and we could all use a little rejuvenation in our wardrobes. However, not all of us would like to completely deplete our paychecks on sundresses and sun hats (not that it doesn’t sound fabulous….) What’s a great solution? Outlet malls!  Have you seen the recent Nautical post done with Legends Outlets Kansas City. Before you […]