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Five Songs to Get You Ready for Spring

Move over, winter. Spring is almost here, and longer days and higher temperatures are moving in.  We have the scoop on five songs to get you ready for spring.  Whether you’re looking forward to transitioning your winter fashion to spring staples or just soaking up the sun, welcoming a new season is exciting especially when it […]


The Best First Tweets From Your Favorite Celebrities

To celebrate its eighth birthday, Twitter launched a website that allowed users to view their first tweet. I’m sure it only took a few days for most users to get the hang of how tweets work, but some people joined Twitter before ever trying to figure out the social media platform. Exhibit A: My first […]


Fash-spiration: Penny Lane from “Almost Famous”

While Cameron Crowe’s 2000 film “Almost Famous” epitomizes the best of 1970s music, heroine Penny Lane represents the decade’s best fashion. With perfect curls and a fearless attitude, she takes on the world in a tour bus and looks good doing it. Here are some wardrobe pieces every woman should consider based on Penny’s best […]