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Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

herbal tea and notebook

Replacing your caffeine addiction with herbal tea can result in a multitude of health benefits; even if you only it a few times a week. Herbal teas are always caffeine and drug free and many have ingredients that can help you feel and look better. An added benefit: Herbal teas are an easy way to help you save […]


3 Ways to Find Happiness In 10 Minutes or Less

Girl Meditating

Between work, school, family, and many other responsibilities, daily life can get overwhelming. Adopting a few mindful, daily rituals can help reduce your stress and increase your overall happiness. And the great news: Many of these rituals take little to no time at all. Adopt a Positive Affirmation A positive affirmation is a simple word […]


Pros and Cons of Organic Makeup

When we make an effort to get healthier we usually focus on what we put in our body – but what we put on our body is just as important. Making the switch to organic makeup can be a great way to reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals your body absorbs, but there are […]


Reduce Your Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency

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July is prime time for sunshine and, while you should always protect your skin with sunscreen, you should also make sure you’re soaking up some rays. Vitamin D, which we primarily get from sunlight, offers all kinds of awesome health benefits. People are spending more time inside than ever before, and as a result vitamin […]