Avoid The Flu This Season With These Essential Tips For Your Home

We all hate getting the flu at this time of the year. In fact, one billion Americans suffer from the common cold every year. But it’s such a painful time as it affects our personal and work life for a week or two. Therefore, we need to try and avoid it for as long as possible! But you might be surprised that we often get the flu in the comfort of our own home!


Therefore, here are some essential tips for your home, so that you can avoid the flu this season!

Get that boiler working  

Once the weather changes for the worse, it’s so important to turn on that boiler in your home. You might not have used the heating function for several months, so it’s important to check it over to ensure it’s working correctly. That way, your home can stay nice and toasty for fall and winter. If you don’t turn it on till too late, you might end up shivering in the night. And as you may know, shivering stops the immune system working so well, so we are more likely to pick up bad colds. Therefore, it’s so important not to leave it too late before putting on the heating to ensure that you avoid the flu this season!

Change your duvet

It’s so important that we keep our body the right temperature during the night if we want to prevent colds. The best way to do this is by making sure we have the right bedding to keep our body warm. Therefore, it’s time to remove that thin duvet and replace it with a fuller one for the winter months. That way, we can quickly ensure our body stays hot in the night. If you do get cold quite easily, it might be best to add a throw to your bed. That way, you can also pull this around you if the temperature does drop to an all-time low. You can then avoid the flu at all costs during the night!

Make sure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned

It is scary to know that bugs from cold and flu can stay on surfaces for up to 48 hours! That means someone might have sneezed in your kitchen with droplets of fluid containing the virus landing on your surfaces. Then when you go in there to make food, you might touch the surface and then end up with the flu virus. After all, the flu is commonly passed on by hand contact. Therefore, it’s so important to ensure you keep on top of cleaning your home at this time of the year. Before you even start cleaning your food, make sure that the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. If you don’t have a chance to clean your home, you might want to find a company such as tidy who will keep your home in an excellent condition all year round.

Clean those door handles

As we said above, hand contact is one of the main ways that the flu virus is passed on to other people. It’s so easy for someone to open a door and then any germs with the virus on their hand gets passed to the door handle. Therefore, you need to make sure you are cleaning the door handles after people have been in your home. Make sure you use disinfectant to ensure you rid any flu before you touch the door handle. And as this article suggests, you need to make sure you wipe down the fridge and drawer handles too before you start touching them.

Wipe your laptop and computer

A lot of us now use our laptop and computer every day in our home. Whether it’s to complete our work or to check our emails when we get home, people are using them more than ever. However, not a lot of people are cleaning the device after they have used them. It means that dirt and bugs could be hiding in between your keys. Also, if other members of your family have been using it, they could have easily coughed, and bugs might be left behind on the keys. Therefore, you should make sure you are regularly giving it a clean to keep it healthy for you all. You can get mini hoovers and wipes which are specific for using with your keyboard.

Winter-proof your windows and doors

It’s so important that you make sure that you draft proof your home before the bad weather arrives, so that you don’t end up full of cold. Therefore, you should be checking for drafts in your windows and doors so that no cold air is arriving in your home. You can easily buy weatherstrips which are an excellent way to seal drafty doors and windows. That way, the cold air can’t get into your home during the winter season. You can even recaulk the doors and windows to help seal out drafts.

Clean those dishcloths and sponges  

You might be shocked to know that one of the worst areas in the homes for flu germs and bugs is in your sponges and dishcloths. Therefore, you need to make sure that after using them to wash you clean these with hot water and disinfect them regularly. As this feature reveals, you can even microwave the sponge for one minute to ensure the germs disappear. Therefore, don’t leave them sitting on the side where germs can easily build up!

Wash your hands after using items

It’s so important that you wash your hands after using items in your home. Just because you don’t think anyone has touched the item, you don’t know what germs may be hiding on the item. Therefore, make sure you wash your hands after use with a good antibacterial soap. And as this article says, avoid touching your face until you have washed your hands. Germs can get into your system through your nose, mouth, and eyes!

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