Aww or Eww? Reactions To Different Kinds of Pests

A house – a home, in fact – is a lot more than the walls and space that go into making it. When we move into a new place, we instantly set about making it ours. Adding decorative touches, putting our stamp on it. All of this goes into the key consideration of allowing the house to feel like a home. That doesn’t happen instantly, but you know when it has.

And when that house has become a home, you’re especially picky about who you share it with. Your family? Of course (although you’ll sometimes be dubious about that part). Visiting friends? As long as you’ve done the housework, great!

And then there are pests. Yes, they’re never invited, but no matter how many hints you drop, they never seem to leave of their own accord. But how we feel about those pests depends a great deal on what the pest is. As we’ll see, some are more unwelcome than others…


When you find the signs of termite infestation (wing sheddings, egg casts, damaged wood), you’re appalled. What are they doing here? Well, you know what they’re doing. They’re literally eating you out of house and home. Get rid of them, right away!


See, at least you can respect bees. They’re hard workers and they do their bit for the world around them. But when you have a wasp infestation, you just resent them. If they’re not going to make honey or pollinate flowers, why should you meet them halfway? Call the exterminator. Have no mercy.


If it was just a matter of aesthetics, you could get used to a rat here and there. They’re not the ugliest creatures, and they’re kind of ingenious when you know what they’re capable of. However, they also gnaw at your carpets, eat your food and leave droppings. They’re a health risk, and they need to be gone.


Of all the creatures that may decide to infest your house, racoons are definitely among the most adorable. They don’t call them “trash pandas” for nothing. So if you spot one or two, you may even be a little excited.

Not for long, though, as you realize that they carry harmful parasites and eat everything they can get to. They’re almost impossible to domesticate, too. So call pest control and have them removed. Humanely, of course. Who could stay mad at a face like that?


They’re more likely to infest your garden than the interior of a house. But from time to time you may find a snake, or its telltale shed skin, around your path or undergrowth.

How you deal with it depends on your knowledge of the creatures, and what type it is. Some can be venomous – so if there is any question, call animal control. They won’t attack unless they feel threatened – but given you don’t know they’re there, it’s easy to accidentally scare them.


Yeah, right. You should be so lucky. If you’re ever infested by these little guys, just make room for them. Kick out your least favorite family member if needs be.

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