Bachelor Olivia Caridi: Advice for Single Ladies


Olivia Caridi won us over in an interview we did with her.  Olivia was a focal point in season 20 on “The Bachelor” and regardless of our opinions prior to her leaving, all of our hearts broke along with hers when Bachelor, Ben Higgins left her on an island in the Bahamas.

However, since then this former news anchor has gone on to create quite the life for herself in New York City. “I signed with MSA models so I’m really busy with that, doing castings and stuff every day and then I’m writing for Bustle.” she told Sarah Scoop when she first relocated to NYC. Olivia also gave some advice for the single ladies out there.

“My advice for people, kind of what I’ve learned in my life is to love yourself before you can ever consider loving someone else. Right now I’m a big fan of falling in love with yourself. I think the right guy and the right relationship will come when you’re not looking for it and you’re focusing on you.”

She continue with advice we can all take, single or not. “Just be yourself, in a world that’s trying to get people to conform, just be you. Just love you. There’s going to be someone that comes along that has all the same qualities that you love about yourself. That person won’t see the things that you hate about yourself. The right guy will never see your insecurities. Love yourself and the right person will come along.”

So there you have it, if you want love start with loving yourself.

Read Olivia Caridi’s full interview.

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