Bachelorette Recap: Jojo, Jordan, and I Our “Bachelorette” Journey

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Before this season of “The Bachelorette”, I honestly wasn’t a fan of the show. While I did YouTube a good amount of the proposals that came out of the franchise, I had never even bothered to watch an episode. The idea of finding love on a television show – especially one produced and manipulated by such a huge corporation like ABC – seemed very trying and too edited to be real; essentially, impossible. And for the most part, I was right. Only about 6 or so couples from the franchise are actually still together today (including its most recent couple) out of 37 compiled seasons. It’s hard to believe in reality-TV love with those numbers. However, after watching Ben Higgins’ and Lauren Bushnell’s proposal – and effectively every clip of them together, ever – I found myself really curious about the show. I am a huge hopeless romantic and their relationship seemed so genuine to me that I thought I would finally give the show a shot. And I got hooked.

On the 12th season of “The Bachelorette”, the runner up from Ben Higgins’ season, Joelle Fletcher, got to take the wheel and grab another shot at love. Fletcher, a real estate developer from Texas, is just about everything anyone would want. She’s beautiful, intelligent, seems to be really caring, passionate, and in a show surrounded by cameras and producer-induced drama, she comes off as really real. I’m not sure if that’s how every season headliner has come off, but Fletcher seemed like a genuine person, sincerely trying to find her soulmate. And not only did I relate to that, but I ate the edited-journey-to-get-there up like there was no tomorrow. I became a sucker to the roses. Everyone deserves love – and I think this franchise does a really great job on capitalizing on that. I even found myself yelling at my television screen, at times. I really do just want her to be happy! (Are you happy, ABC?)


So, in the end, Jojo ended up with my prediction – and half of America’s, I’m sure – Jordan Rodgers. Their chemistry was undeniable from the beginning and despite what any rumors (true or false) and magazines may be saying, he seems to really care for her and I wish them all the best. Rodgers, a retired NFL player, seemed like the whole package from the very beginning. Throughout the season, he faced a lot of accusations about being there for the right reasons, being a “player,” which I could honestly see him being, and being “entitled” (right James T?), but I could never really put my tongue on what it was that bothered me about him. And at one point, I realized that Jojo and I were having the same dilemma. She didn’t understand why she was nervous about him and neither did I. And I wasn’t even dating him! But, moments like that are what I believe got me, and a good portion of America, hooked on the franchise.

The show creates the ability to watch real people with real feelings live the edited fairy tale that we all daydream our romances could be. We don’t realize that these people are forming relationships in a matter of months (and how unrealistic that actually is). We don’t remember that there isn’t actually music playing in the background for every emotion that is felt. We don’t see what goes behind the scenes – and often times, don’t really mind. We love that we can watch, judge, tweet, and awe at “love”. It’s likeable, it’s addicting, and it’s romantic – but with real repercussions. It doesn’t just end like the movies end. It’s for life (hopefully). And it’s what keeps you watching.

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