Bathing Suits You!: Some Excellent Suits for Spring Break

Spring break is fast approaching, ladies, and you know what that means? Spring! Also, bathing suits, which is the topic of this article (although spring as a season is also lovely and can be discussed at a later date.)

Let’s be honest- as much as we would all like to drop those extra winter pounds in the next month, the majority of us won’t. So I say, who cares? Embrace your body. After all, if we were cavemen (cavewomen?) we would be grateful for those extra pounds that helped us survive the winter frost! (This is also a good excuse for hibernation.)

So don’t feel ashamed of your body. With a new bathing suit that makes you feel hot no matter what you weigh, spring break is looking better already

For the girl who loves a theme…

Why not embrace it? Spring break makes you think beaches, sun, water… why not find a cute patterned suit that lets you take spring break literally? This suit from Forever21 has tiny fish all over it- subtle, but enough to make any fan of patterns giddy.


Bird is the word

Raise your hand if you own a leopard print bikini. Higher. Don’t be ashamed! We all need a little leopard in our lives. But if you want to mix it up this spring, why not try a peacock pattern? Peacocks are huge right now (not to say that they haven’t always been huge, because they are very large birds, but I think you understand), and this suit takes a classic animal print and gives it a fun new twist.


Go a little crazy

This is not your traditional bathing suit… but you’re not the traditional girl. You love vintage with an edge, and you’re not afraid to let your personality shine. For that girl, I give you this stunning little number. Remember… bow ties are cool.


So there you have it! Go out and own your bathing suit, ladies. (Both figuratively and literally). And if anyone sees an awesome bathing suit they want to share with the class, feel free to post it in the comments!


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