Beach Trip Must-Haves


For me, trips to the beach are a fun, easy, and relaxing way to enjoy the summer while it lasts. Listed below are a few of my favorite beach trip must-haves.

Sun block

Whether you prefer a spray on or lotion, sun block is, obviously, a must. You can still get tan when you wear sun block, you just won’t absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays.

A tangle teezer brush

A brush or comb is a beach must-have for every girl. When I step out of the water, though, sometimes a comb just doesn’t do the trick. A tangle teezer brush is designed to gently untangle even the toughest knots, guaranteeing tangle-free beach waves.

A razor

If you shave your legs the night before heading to the beach, chances are your legs are less likely to be irritated by the ocean water the next day. If you’re like me, chances also are that you missed a tiny section or two of hair. I like carrying a razor with me to get rid of any hair I may have missed the night before.

Baby powder

Something you might not know is that baby powder is perfect for removing sand from your feet. Use it right before you step into your car to ensure it stays sand free all summer long.

A cooling lotion

Immediately after being in the sun, I love applying a cooling lotion with aloe and vitamin-E to rehydrate my skin.

A two-person towel

Of course a two-person towel is great in case your friend forgets hers, but I love the extra space a two-person towel gives me.


Don’t wait until later; make sure you’re staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water during your beach day. If you find it difficult to drink water frequently, trying adding fruit—berries, lemon, lime, oranges, etc.—to give it some flavor.

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