Beat The Heat- Summer Hair Care Tips

We love the sun, but not what it does to our hair. A day in the sun can leave hair feeling brittle and fried. Just like our skin, our hair needs just as much care in the summer. Summer hair should be easy-natural waves, a little bit messy, flirty and fun. But these styles become difficult to master when humidity, frizz and sun-parched locks are thrown into the mix. Luckily, you can keep your locks looking lush by adding a few easy tips to your daily routine this summer.

Cool Off- Try to limit the use of heating appliances as much as possible. Heat destroys hair cuticles, follicles, and dries your scalp. Try wearing “wash and go styles,” such as braids, slicked-back ponytails, or relaxed up-do. For beach waves, braid your hair while it is wet and let it dry to create natural flowing locks. If you can’t put the blow dryer or flat iron down (most of us can’t resist) apply a heat protectant spray and use the lowest temperature setting.

Cut It Off- Trimming your hair, even by an inch will help prevent split ends in the future. Not only will your hair look healthier, but it will grow faster if you trim it frequently. Your hair is prone to more split ends in the summer from the sun’s damaging rays. Long hair is not flattering when it’s fried and filled with split ends- get it cut!

Get Dirty- Reduce your shampooing. Most likely you are shampooing your hair more than three times a week. Washing your hair too frequently strips natural oils that help protect your gorgeous locks. The sun damages your hair enough by itself. Avoid using products that dry out your hair, such as styling products, hairspray or gel.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate- Conditioning is a crucial step for proper hair care.  Conditioner moisturizes hair, and should be used every day, unlike shampoo. Conditioning your hair helps strengthen follicles, repair dead-ends and smooth each strand, leaving hair soft and silky. Applying a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair also adds continual protection against the summer heat. Be sure to add a deep conditioner to your hair care regimen once or twice a week to restore and replenish your dry, damaged hair.

Go Natural- Conditioning your hair naturally after a shower is one of the best ways to nourish damaged hair. Natural Virgin Olive Oil is a great home remedy that seals in moisture and repairs damaged ends. Olive Oil also moisturizes your scalp and helps reduce frizzy hair. If you don’t like the smell of olive oil, try coconut oil- it’s a great alternative!

Say goodbye to bad hair days this summer by taking proper care of your hair. Love your hair and it will love you back!

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