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beautyThe transition into the winter season can really have a negative effect on your hair and skin. Taking some extra precautions will keep your hair and skin healthy and hydrated all winter long.

Vaseline is your best friend!

Hair: The use of the multivitamin biotin prevents hair thinning/hair loss as it promotes hair growth. It is also good for your skin and nails. Another important tip is to use hot oil treatments. Hot oil treatments condition and protect dry hair. If you do it once a week or every two weeks, your hair will be soft, healthy and smooth! The rough winter weather is more prone to causing you flyaways. Along with hot oil treatments, a dab of Vaseline can be used to tame frizz. Make sure to use it in very small amounts, as you don’t want to cause build up in your hair.Lastly, wearing a stylish hat or an adorable beanie on an especially cold days will shield your hair from turning into a brittle disaster.

Face: Vaseline comes in handy all year round, but it is a best friend during the winter season! What I like to do is wash my face in the shower and apply a fair amount of Vaseline on my face. I let it soak into my skin and rinse off excess when I’m done. The steam from the hot water intensifies the treatment & locks the moisture back into your skin. However, you can also apply Vaseline out of the shower in smaller amounts! It’s a miracle product for flaky and dry skin.

Lips: Elf lip exfoliator is an amazing product to have all year round, but it especially comes in handy during the winter season! This exfoliating product is infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils which nourish and protect your lips, prepping them for lipstick application. The best thing of all, it’s inexpensive! The Elf lip exfoliator can be found at Target for only $3.

If you’re unable to buy the elf lip exfoliator, there are also home remedies to keep your lips soft and kissable. You can use the bristles of your toothbrush as an at home exfoliator! Slightly wet your tooth brush, and brush it against your lips. The bristles act as an exfoliator for your lips and help rid and prevent peeling! After that, apply a dab of Vaseline and leave it on all night. Wahlah!

Nose: That Rudolph red nose is practically inevitable in cold weather, but there are some tips you can follow which can prevent or lower the intensity of it while enduring that brisk walk outside.

1) Wear a scarf! Scarfs can be extremely stylish and they come in many patterns. Invest in one and cover up your sensitive nose while going out in those harsh conditions.

2) Apply Vaseline on your nose a couple hours prior. Vaseline will prevent your nose from chapping.

3)Ditch your powder makeup! In winter, liquid foundation works a lot better. Liquid foundation tends to have essentials in it that help keep the moisture in your skin, while powder foundation only adds onto the dryness.

With the use of these tips you’ll be able to maintain your sexy appearance all year long.

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