Beautiful Ideas for a Hawaiian-inspired Wedding

Choosing a theme for your wedding can help you plan the whole thing more easily. Once you have a concept, you can apply it to the different elements of your wedding. It makes decisions much easier because all your ideas can be inspired by the theme. If you have a love for Hawaii and its culture, you might consider having a Hawaiian-inspired wedding. Perhaps you’re from Hawaii, are marrying into a Hawaiian family, or you just feel passionate about the place. If you decide on a wedding inspired by the location or its culture, you could create a beautiful day. However, remember to be respectful of native Hawaiian culture at the same time. Try not to use elements that don’t have cultural significance for you or your fiance.



You might begin by taking inspiration from the clothes at a traditional Hawaiian wedding. Like in many other weddings, the bride wears a white gown, but the groom usually dresses in white too. The groom also wears a colorful sash and a green maile lei, while the bride wears a Haku lei or flower crown. However, you don’t have to copy these outfits for a Hawaiian-inspired wedding. You could just take inspiration from the relaxed, flowing outfits. Find similar ones for your wedding party. You might ask your guests to dress for the beach, perhaps in linen suits or summer dresses. If you want to make leis or other flower accessories, get fresh flowers from Alii Flowers or a similar supplier.


Hawaii has a lot of beautiful flora, so using Hawaiian flowers at your wedding is a great idea. You can use them for centerpieces on tables, including blooms such as orchids. If you’re getting married on the beach, you will need some lighting for the evening. Torches are an excellent way to decorate and light up the beach at the same time. However, you do need to be careful with them! Hawaii is also popular for its tropical fruits. You could also incorporate them into your decoration.

Food and Drink

Hawaiian cuisine is delicious and could be a great choice for your wedding reception. You could have a menu so everyone could be served at their table with a number of courses. Another option is to have a buffet so everyone can take what they want from a number of dishes. If you want to ensure the food is authentic and tastes amazing, hire a caterer specializing in Hawaiian food and drink.

Music and Entertainment

You might also like to include some Hawaiian music at your wedding. Perhaps you could hire musicians to perform, or you could create a playlist of your favorite music. You could use it as you walk down the aisle, as everyone is sitting down to eat, or to dance to later in the day. Other entertainment could be an excellent idea too, such as dancers.

Your Hawaiian wedding could be a special day with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Choose how you want to incorporate different elements carefully.

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