Beauty Issues to Watch Out For

by Sarah Ruhlman
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If you are overweight, you might think that weight is your biggest problem. Well, actually it might not be. Your weight and the shape of your body is something you can change with a little work and exercise. There are other issues with being overweight that aren’t as easy to solve. It’s one of the reasons why you want to keep a healthy body shape with a good diet for as long as possible. If you can’t, you may find that you start to develop some of these issues that arrive with weight gain.


Stretch Marks

One of the biggest beauty issues that arrive with stretch marks is weight gain. Stretch marks are exactly as they sound. They’ll appear when the skin on your body needs to stretch due to a change in body shape. Despite the fact that we’re talking about weight gain, they can actually crop up for a variety of reasons. You might get stretch marks if you have a massive, rapid growth spurt in your teen years. You could also find stretch marks appear due to pregnancy or even through a loss of weight. However, they will often be more pronounced and visible if they arrive due to rapid weight gain. Luckily, there is a way to diminish them. You can get essential oils for stretch marks. While this won’t completely remove the marks, it will reduce their visibility.

Skin Blemishes

If you have any skin blemishes, this probably isn’t bad luck. It is usually caused by a bad diet. You can get blemishes on your skin if you have too much sugar or salt in your diet. As such, skin blemishes can be seen as a side effect of being overweight. Obviously, the best way to get rid of these blemishes is to improve your diet. However, you can also try munching on certain foods more like celery. By eating celery, you can soak up the moisture underneath your skin that often causes blemishes to develop. A few weeks eating celery will clean your skin right up. Then, you can focus on hitting the gym.

Bare in mind that any weight gain or loss will result in you aging faster than you should. This is because your skin is not in its natural state. Wrinkles will develop earlier, and your skin could lose its elasticity as early as thirty.

Bad Posture


Finally, let’s think about your body and what happens if you have excess weight. When there’s more weight on your body, it puts pressure on your spine. Don’t forget, your spine is the main force that supports that weight, dragging it around. Eventually, this will cause your spine to bend pushing the weight out in front and making you look fatter. To avoid this, maintain good posture, and it could even help you lose weight. You can try physical therapy to help you with this and straighten your back. This will also allow you to develop your back muscles, giving you more strength to get rid of the excess weight.

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