Beauty Secrets Revealed: Apply Eye Makeup Like A Pro

by Sarah Ruhlman

Most women consider their eyes to be their best feature. This is why many of us use makeup to help them stand out. From mascara to eyeshadow, there are endless products that are designed to define and open up your eyes. While buying these products is easy enough, applying them can be more challenging. Without the right know-how, it can be easy to make mistakes with your makeup that can make your eyes look smaller and less noticeable. This is the last thing you want when you’re trying to make your eyes look big and beautiful.


To give you the knowledge you need to make your eyes look incredible every day, here are some secret eye makeup tricks that all pro makeup artists use.

Use two mascaras

Mascara is every girl’s best friend. It can volumize, darken and lengthen lashes giving your eyes a stronger and more defined look. But did you know that applying two different mascara formulas can make a big difference to your eyes? This is a trick make makeup artists use to make sure their client’s lashes look their very best. Using a mascara that thickens and one that lengthens ensure your lashes are getting the best of both formulas. Start by using the thickening formula first and focus it’s application on the base of your lashes. Then use the lengthening mascara on the mid-section and tips of your eyelashes for added length. The difference between using one and two mascaras will be instantly noticeable, and you’re bound to love the results.

To help your mascara make even more of an impact, why not apply a growth serum to your eyelashes. This can help them become thicker and longer which can make your eyes look wider and brighter. Just remember to check the eyelash growth serum ingredients and do some research before use. There are many different serums to choose from, and some are more effective than others. So finding out which ones will give you the best results is a must.

Curl your lashes before you apply mascara

Many women make the mistake of curling their lashes after they have applied their mascara. This can remove the product and potentially some of your lashes if you aren’t careful. If you don’t want thin or gappy eyelashes, it’s always best to curl your lashes before your mascara. This will not only help to keep your lashes in tact but can also stop you from using too much mascara. Too much mascara can make your lashes brittle and difficult to keep clean. But you won’t need to apply as much because your eyelashes already have the long and curled appearance you desire. You can find eyelash curlers from most drugstores at affordable prices. Just remember to be gentle when using them and don’t clamp down too hard for too long.

Use tape to catch eyeshadow debris

If you want to experiment with color in your makeup look, eye shadow is the best product you can use. Whether worn alone or blended with other shades, eyeshadow can help express our style and personality. But just because you apply it to your eyelids doesn’t mean it always stays in place. Women who wear eyeshadow regularly know that it’s debris can end up on your cheeks very easily. Even though your eye makeup might look flawless, this debris can cause smudging and may force you to apply your foundation. Not only is this annoying, but also time-consuming and repetitive.

The best way to deal with this fallen debris is by using tape. Place a piece that is big enough to cover your under eye area and keep it in place until you have finished your makeup. Even though you might feel silly, this tape will catch any loose eye shadow that falls off your lashes. Once you’ve finished applying your eyeshadow, the tape can then be removed. While this trick is effective, it should be used with some caution. Never apply the tape too close to your eye area or press it down too firmly. You should also never use strong hold tape. Otherwise, you might cause severe damage to your delicate under eye area.

Choose the perfect shade of eyeshadow

Another trick concerning eyeshadow is making sure you choose the right shade. With so many different shades and colors to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones you should be wearing. To help your eyes pop as much as possible, you should choose a shade based on your eye color. This is something that many people don’t consider, but it can give you some fabulous results.

No matter what your eye color is, there are some shades which will suit you more than others. Warm shades such as browns and reds can accentuate brown eyes, particularly if the shadow is slightly metallic. Green shades and blues can also work well with brown and hazel eyes. Plum and berry shades work well if you have green eyes and can make them look more vibrant. Blue eyes look best with gray and earthy toned eyeshadows. But can also look effective with contrasting pinks and purples too. So instead of feeling overwhelmed when buying eye shadow, let your eye color influence your choices. That way you know your eyes will always make a statement. There are plenty of guides online that can give you further inspiration on the shades that will best suit your eyes.

This trick can also be used when choosing eyeliner too. While black is a timeless and popular choice, choosing colored liners can look incredible too. If you have blue eyes, deep green eyeliners provide contrast but also compliment your eye color. Whereas navy and golden eyeliners work fabulously if you have brown or hazel eyes. Whether you use a pencil or liquid, the right color can make a big difference. So use this opportunity to try something new with your makeup regime and be more adventurous with the colors you use.

Widen your eyes with a white eyeliner pencil

White eyeliner is not a product that many women buy and use on a day to day basis. But its application can make your eyes look larger and more awake. By applying white eyeliner onto your bottom waterline, you are extending the whites of your eyes. This can give your eyes a wider appearance which is guaranteed to get them noticed. Always use a clean and sharp pencil on your waterline to get the strongest shade of white possible.

As well as benefitting your eyes, a white eyeliner pencil can transform your brows too. Apply the pencil along your brow bone, which is just underneath your eyebrows. Blend this in with warm fingertips to create a more natural and less obvious appearance. The wide pencil highlights this area and makes your brows instantly look more defined and neater than they did before. If you find the pencil too difficult to blend in, opt for a white eyeshadow instead. This can often be easier to work with and still gives your brows a defined look you are trying to create. Combine this trick with the eyeliner on your waterline for an overall wide-eyed and lifted look you’ll be desperate to show off.

Remove smudges with a brush

Whether caused by dirty fingers or by sneezing, there is no denying that smudged makeup is annoying. They usually happen at the most inconvenient moment and stop you from leaving the house with a flawless makeup look. Removing these smudges and reapplying your makeup can also be time consuming. You may even find that you have to start completely from scratch to get the finish you want. While you can’t also stop smudges from occurring, there is a quick and easy way of removing them from your face.

Instead of using cotton pads or makeup wipes, use an eyeliner or lipliner brush instead. This might sound strange, but this trick could save you a great deal of time. Dip the brush into a glass of ordinary tap water or use micellar water if you prefer. Once the bristles are completely soaked, wipe the brush over the smudge you want to remove. This should be done with a gentle motion so as not to remove more makeup than you need to. You may need to gradually reapply water or micellar water to the brush, depending on the size and severity of the smudge. But it shouldn’t take long for it to be removed completely. As well as removing smudges, you can also use this trick to get rid of mascara on your eyelids and to create a sharper eyeliner flick.

So whether its for date night or a work look, these makeup tricks can make your eyes look incredible. To help you apply these techniques successfully, you also need to make sure your tools are clean and in good condition. So before you start experimenting, check the dates of your makeup and give your makeup brushes a thorough clean. If your makeup is out of date, this is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new products.

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