Bedroom Decor Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

by Sarah Ruhlman
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It is so easy to just get used to our bedrooms because we spend a lot of time in them. Over time you start to not see the peeling wallpaper or the stepper machine that is being stored in the corner. Or even that your bed linen has passed its prime and is really due for an upgrade.

But this is something that we should really avoid. As it means that you might be closing your eyes and ignoring the urgent need to spruce up your bedroom space. If you think you are at risk for this read on for some more information.

Is the paint peeling?

If some of the paint on the wall in your bedroom has started to peel, it is likely that you have closed your eyes to the real state of your bedroom. This isn’t good. Peeling paint has the knack of being able to make even the nicest and luxurious room look shabby and dilapidated. Luckily, it is one of the easiest things to fix. All you need is a brush, a pot and paint and a ladder!

Don’t try and just paint over the peeling bits, though. As the new paint and the old paint will be cure at different rates, so you will never match the colors properly. That means you will just end up with patches on your wall, instead of peeling paint, which actually looks no better.

Is the wallpaper dated?

Another sign you could be turning a blind eye to the state of your bedroom is if the wallpaper is looking a little dated. Yes, retro patterns are definitely back in. But they must be the right ones like palm leaves or flamingos, executed in a stylish and the modern way. Such as on a feature wall. Having a bedroom full of brown and orange swirls, just because you can’t be bothered to change it, doesn’t count I’m afraid!

You also need to be careful of floral designs. The seem to be excellent for dating the time your bedroom was last decorated. Fashions change so quickly that it can be better to steer clear of them all together and go for something a little more abstract.

What about the textiles?

The bed is such an essential part of any bedroom, and what cover the bed? Textiles. That means they are vital as well. Your bedroom textiles can be split into two categories: practical and decorative, although some will likely overlap into both.

In the particular category, you need to make sure that the textiles in your bedroom are clean, hygienic and well suited to their task. Textiles, in this case, mean things like a pillowcase or a Down Comforter.

Decorative textiles include things like he throws blankets and throw pillows. These need to be as up to date in style, as you wallpaper. You can even match them for a dramatic effect.

Have you got enough storage?

Lastly, if you have stopped seeing all the dirty clothes draped over the chair, you may well be blind to the clutter that is polluting your bedroom.

Solve this with a two-pronged approached. Clear out anything you don’t need. Then make sure that you has stylish, and practical storage for the things must be kept in your bedroom space.

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