Bend And Snap In This Outfit Ladies! {A Reese Witherspoon Inspired Look}

Reese Witherspoon is always center of attention with her acting career and her fashion style. Now that she is pregnant, she seems to be even more in the Hollywood spotlight. Known for her casual to classic looks, Witherspoon proves that having a baby bump doesn’t restrict her from being anything less than fabulous.

Through her acting career, Witherspoon is better known for her role as Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde.” Elle proved that anything is possible when this sorority queen was dumped by her boyfriend because he needed to get “more serious” in order to go to Harvard law school. Elle only goes to Harvard to get him back. However, in the end she meets someone else and decides to pursue law as an actual career.  She even graduated with honors! Let’s not forget Elle’s tips on how to pick up a man through the “bend and snap.” Her other recent movies include: “This Means War,” “Water for Elephants,” and “How Do You Know.”

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Witherspoon is wearing a casual long sleeve heart top, a grey skirt, and some playful grey ankle boots. Witherspoon proves that anybody can be cute and casual on any stroll. She even passed by a magazine stand to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip! This picture was taken in Witherspoon’s pre-pregnancy days, so sorry expecting moms, but this is not a maternity outfit.

Like this outfit but don’t know where to start? Well here is a similar collection. All of the items in this piece are $50 and less!

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Don’t forget to bend and snap in your new outfit ladies!



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