What Can Food Actually Do For Us?


In terms of appearance, we can certainly try to carry the weight and pressure of the world on our shoulders. We always want to look good, feel good and emit some positive vibes. In fact, we want to be almost superhuman in every way, shape, and form and not just with our appearance and beauty. We want to be the hardest, most productive workers. We want to be the best friend and the best parent that we can possibly be. It’s not just that though, we want results as fast as possible, and we want to be happy while doing so. This isn’t a equation that works. You can’t always push yourself too hard, get instant results and be happy.

No – you need to be different. You need to plan and you need to think carefully about your approach to any goal you wish to achieve. This mindful approach means that you can consider the benefit of every action you take and think about its value to you as a person. By breaking life down and carefully considering the worth of our actions, we can make each decision a lot more powerful. Even the smallest actions can have huge ramifications.

This includes food – have you ever considered what the items of food that you eat could actually do for you? We tend to think of food as a commodity and not a huge benefit to our lives. Some of us diet to lose weight to look slimmer through diets like the HCG Triumph diet. Others will think about what they eat because they want to live a cruelty-free lifestyle and avoid meat or animal produce.   The truth is this – food is a fuel. We do eat it socially, we do eat it for pleasure – but at the end of the day, it’s a fuel. Food can do a lot for our health, our energy and our beauty. We just need to eat the right foods and consider what goals we want and what foods we should eat – some of these will intersect though as good food can be good food!

Food? It could be the best beauty product that you choose to buy. The skincare and health benefits of good food will struggle to be found in the most expensive of cosmetics. A big key to looking good is feeling good and eating mindfully and healthily will have you feeling good in no time at all.

So, on a final note – what are benefits of some types of food? Avocados can provide energy through the good fats they contain – they can also help dry skin and hair. What’s more you can use it as a face cream. Green tea is a know detox drink and is full of antioxidants. Eggs are full to the brim with proteins that can help the cells of your body repair themselves. Walnuts are another source of positive fats via Omega-3. Omega 3 helps your skin glow and your hair stay healthy. In general, fruits, vegetables and nuts will have a wide range of benefits. As for the rest – that’s your job to explore.


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