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If you’re in college, chances are you do have a smartphone. It’s also a safe bet to say that your smartphone goes absolutely everywhere with you (and has probably even ended up in the bathroom toilet at your favorite dive bar, unfortunately). But it shouldn’t only serve as a way to communicate with your parents who complain that you’re not calling enough, it can be used for school too! Here are some of my favorite apps to help get you through your college years with ease.


iStudiez Pro: This is the best app I’ve found for time management. It allows you to enter your class schedule and homework into a built-in planner (that you can sync with your calendar app) and alerts you of approaching deadlines, keeps track of your grades, organizes your extracurricular schedule and counts down to your next class. With iCloud, you can use the app on both your Mac and your iPhone!



Mint: Okay, so no college kid really understands how to manage their money. Attending all of the Happy Hours on campus still adds up to a big chunk of cash at the end of the semester. Using Mint allows you to set budgets and see exactly where all the money you’re spending (and hopefully making) is going. It can connect with your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, etc. to give you a complete overview of your cash-flow.


Wunderlist: I love creating to-do lists. I get a special satisfaction from crossing something off of my list and knowing that I’ve been productive. Wunderlist can be used on every device you own and has simple functionality. You can create multiple to-do lists, set reminders and recurring tasks and cross them off as you complete them. It’ll become your best friend, I promise.


Studyblue: Another app that is compatible with both your computer and your phone, Studyblue allows you to search for virtual notecards by college to see if someone has already created a set for that upcoming exam. If not, you can create your own pack of notecards and virtually flip through them on your phone and your computer. It’s an essential app and has definitely saved me during exam week.


RescueTime: This is an Android app and helps you find out how much time you’re losing to digital distractions by tracking time spend on email, social media and websites. You can set a goal to make sure you’re using your time productively and create alerts to notify you of when you’ve spent too much time doing something you shouldn’t.


Find My Friends: So this one is kind of creepy but it totally rocks. You can connect your phone to your friends and have access to their exact location at every time. Think its a bit stalkerish? It is. But when your best friend doesn’t make it home one night and you want to make sure they’re safe, it really comes in handy. Or if your friends went to the party already and you’re trying to find them? Just stalk their location and it will bring up directions on how to get there.


Buzzfeed: Ok, so it can’t be all school all the time. You’re allowed to get distracted every once in a while for your own sanity, and Buzzfeed is the perfect distraction. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll find amazing quizzes to compare answers with your friends.

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