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I can’t believe Christmas is already next week.  Who’s ready? Not me. 🙂 I still have quiet a bit of shopping to do.  As I set out to do a little last minute shopping at my local mall I stopped by the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store.
#shopBestBuy MobileSpecialtyStoreOutsideI have to tell you while I was there I discovered an amazing deal for any students out there.  Thinking back to my college days, smart phones were one of the best devices to have on campus.  Even within just a few years the technology is even better than it was when I was there.  There are so many amazing options out there for a first mobile phone.
#shopBestBuy MobileSpecialtyStore#shopBestBuy MobileSpecialtyStoreSprintIf you are a student you will not want to miss out on this awesome deal.   While at the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store, I was informed about the My Way Student Promotion plan from Sprint.  It provides students with a full year of free calls, text messages, and data. To qualify for the offer, buyers must purchase a Sprint phone at the student activated price through Best Buy and activate a new line via Sprint’s Unlimited, My Way plan.

#shopBestBuy MobileSpecialtyStoreAssociateThe customer service was great and the kind fella above explained to me that the plan offers unlimited talking and texting and 1GB of data per month for smartphones and unlimited calls and texts for feature phones. The promotion runs now through January 4.  He also pointed out that beyond the cost of the phone itself, students will pay a onetime $36 activation fee and pay for any monthly taxes and surcharges.

Those of us who love our smartphones so much and know that 1GB will not work with our phone addiction, can choose unlimited data for just $10 a month.  It’s a great option to save on mobile phone bill and still have a student mobile plan.

If you want to find out more you can check out the Sprint FAQ page. The Student Verification Form can be downloaded from Best Buy.

There are so many amazing apps and great things about smartphones.  You can use them to stay organized, connect with your family and more.  Plus, there are some great benefits of making this purchase now, just before the holidays.  Not only is this is an awesome deal, but all of you students out there will have winter break to play with your phone and figure out all of the benefits.

Participating in the My Way Student Promotion plan from Sprint is a great way to stay connected with your family over the holiday season.  You can keep them updated on your travel and destination arrival.  You can also send photos and videos to those members of your family who could not make it to the holiday celebrations.  It is a great way to stay connected and bring the whole family together.

It is so convenient that you can go make this purchase at your local mall.  The Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store was located right by other stores that I needed to visit and who doesn’t love an excuse to go to the mall?  The Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store is a great option for shopping.  There were other customers there who also found it to be quiet an inviting atmosphere.

#shopBestBuy MobileSpecialtyStoreCustomers#shopBestBuy MobileSpecialtyStorecheckoutI even convinced my brother to take a trip to the mall with me.  He loved checking out the great technology, but he was also really impressed by the choices in accessories at the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store.  There was so much new tech, cool new gadgets and they had the best electronics.

#shopBestBuy MobileSpecialtyStoreJoeI had a great time shopping at the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store.  For all of the students out there, I know how hard your are working.  Don’t forget to reward yourself and give yourself the gift of a smart phone this holiday season.

#shopBestBuy MobileSpecialtyStoreSarahNext time you’re at the mall check out your Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store and the My Way Student Promotion plan from Sprint. 🙂  For all of you who do take advantage I hope you enjoy your mobile phone in school.

Happy Holidays!


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    There are so many options available for students, but I’ve never heard of unlimited data for $10 a month! Ah-mazing! #client

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    OK I feel REALLY old that you had smart phones in college. Cell phones were just becoming popular when I was in college and I didn’t even have one until I was a sophomore. And my plan was WAY more than this one. This is a great deal! #client

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