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I love eye shadow, but who doesn’t? There is such a variety of colors no matter where you shop; bold colors, shimmery colors, light and  neutral colors and everything in between.  I always love to try new colors out, depending on the season and of course whatever outfit I am wearing.  So I am here to tell you, try a new color this season, take a chance.  And if you aren’t sure how to apply it properly, I will give you some tips and tricks for your next application!  That way you won’t feel that you look like a “clown” as many of my non-eye shadow wearing friends would say!  I like to buy shadow in sets, like you can see below, that way, you can try random colors in smaller amounts! Then when you find the one you like, you can usually buy it as a single 🙂

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First tip ~ make sure you have a good set of eyeshadow brushes.  Now, don’t think you have to spend a fortune on them either.  You don’t!!  Just find a brush that has nice soft bristles, can easily be washed, and is easy to handle.  And there is definately not a shortage of where you can find a good brush.  Try Mary Kay, Ulta, Beauty Brands, or Target!  Plus, you can find them in sets, it’s nice to have extras for everyday use or travel.

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Second tip ~ It’s always frustrating when I go to put my shadow on and I swear more of its ends up on my cheek than my eyelid!  Never fear, luckily water is cheap and a perfect way to keep that shadow from sprinking like fairy dust on your face!  Just get the tip of your brush slightly wet with water, brush the shadow on both sides of your brush and apply!  Super easy, plus it makes the eyeshadow a bit more bold!  This is a good trick for loose eye shadow too!

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Third tip ~ Use your eyeshadow as a liner! That’s right folks, forget the eyeliner! Using a thin eyeshawdow brush, slightly get the tip of the bristles wet, dip in shadow and apply to upper eyelid or underneath your lower lashes for the perfect soft touch!  I have been doing this for years, it’s so easy to apply and with the variety of colors of eyeshadow, the possibilites are endless!

Fourth tip ~ If you aren’t into using an eyebrow pencil, but need to “thicken” up those brows, you guessed it…eyeshadow!  It won’t be hard to find a color that matches your brows, dust it on and wah-lah!  Thicker brows quickly and easily!

Be sure to wear a shimmery lighter color along the brow line, it will help to accentuate those gorgeous eyes; plus dab a bit of that same shimmery shadow on the inside corner of your eye for extra brightness.

Here are a few suggestions to shop:

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