Best Fall Hair Colors

As all of you know, Fall is perhaps one of the most (if not the most) opportune seasons for creativity and fashion. Not that anyone necessarily needs any excuse for looking cute, but donning a completely fresh and new palette or wardrobe? Maybe. And any new season, especially Fall, can be one’s biggest and most valid reason for a style switcheroo.

One of the boldest ways to alter up your look for Autumn is changing your hair color. It could be something simple as doing a subtle tint, or going from blonde to black in ten seconds flat. (Okay, maybe thirty minutes; that’s how long those home color kits take, if you want to be technical.)

Now, the biggest thing you want to consider before changing your hair, is that your Fall wardrobe should coincide with your hair. You should be able to look good in your closet palette with your new tresses. For example, if the majority of your Fall wardrobe consists of red, one ideally would want to go with anything but a very red hair color, because that would just be too much of one color with little contrast. But if they have browns or greens in their Fall ‘drobe, which are colors that look especially great with fiery hair, then you would want to go with red. This being said, you could go either way with it. Build your wardrobe based on your hair color, or change your hair color based on your new and growing Fall wardrobe!

At Sarah Scoop, we think that all hair colors are just lovely. Regarding Fall specifically, though, you ideally want the richest of the three natural hues — blondes, brunettes, and reds. Those are the best Fall hair colors — again, simply the richest in color of those three categories.

Here are some  great examples of Fall hair colors!

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Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson looks fabulous with her long, post-Summer, honey blonde locks.

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Our favorite ginger (Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden) sizzles in red! Her strawberry blonde hair is just perfect for the season — like the warm toned leaves of Autumn.

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Always seeming to flow with Fall fashion, High School Musical‘s Vanessa Hudgens looks cute and comfy with her cool brown tresses — complete with a simple slouchy sweater and contrasting scarf.



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