The Best Flavored Water for Summertime


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I have never been a flavored water type of gal, but after being introduced and trying a few new flavors recently, I am hooked!  There are a few different brands I enjoy, each giving multiple flavors to try, and I have to say they are all amazing!! They are perfect straight out of the can or as a mixer for a summertime cocktail!  Either way, they are refreshing.  Did I also mention they contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners? Another bonus for you and your health!! These different brands of water are also carbonated, giving them that extra kick!

1. La Croix Water – This particular flavor is Pomme Baya meaning Apple Berry! La Croix has many different flavors to choose from. Try the lime, lemon, or mango!

FullSizeRender (104)

2. Nestle Water – I love the orange flavor, so Tangerine is usually my choice from Nestle.  But definitely try them all!!

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3. Simply Balanced Water – One of my favorite brands to quench my thirst; the Cucumber Mint is also a must! The perfect mixer for a summer adult beverage!

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