The Best Lipstick Shades for Different Skin Colors

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Finding the right lipstick for your skin tone can be hard, but when you finally find those perfect matches it is such a great feeling. At the Emmys on Sunday, it wasn’t just the dresses (and some pants) that looked amazing, it was the makeup too. This might have led to you wondering which of the makeup looks would look best on you. Well, lets start with finding the best lipstick shades for each skin tone, as shown by the women who attended the Emmys?


Fair Skin 


If you have fairer skin, then definitely stay with lighter pinks and nudes. If you want to do something a little different and more bold, go with a classic red lip.




Medium/ Olive Skin 


With medium  and olive skin tones, you can rock literally any color. If you want to look your best, stick to cherry reds, berry pinks, corals and light browns.



Dark Skin


For darker complexions, you can go with more fun and bold colors. Try deep plums, reds and if you really like taking a risk, try an orange shade.




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