Best Phone Apps for In Store Savings when Shopping

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Remember that episode of Lizzie McGuire when her mom went bargain hunting, and Lizzie skipped out on it to blow all of her money (plus Gordo and Miranda’s) on those expensive hip huggers to win best dressed? That episode taught us one of the many lessons we learned from that classic Disney Channel show. This one in particular taught us that less really is more, and I’m pretty sure it instilled my need to always look for a good bargain when I’m shopping.

So thank you Jo McGuire for not only teaching me about hormones, but also about finding a great deal. I’m sure if the show was still on, Jo would be a huge fan of phone savings  apps, so I want to share with you the best apps for in store savings. This way you don’t need to act as insane as Lizzie’s mom did because she was going into the sale completely blind.

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This coupon app has basically every store you can think of. It’s a personal favorite of mine and it can be used in store or online.


Another coupon app, but this one is a little bit different. It doesn’t have as many stores, but instead of only offering random coupons, this app features stores’ weekly ads and markdown items, which are updated daily.


This app not only offers amazing deals, but it gives you points every time you use it. That’s right, you’re saving money and earning rewards like free gift cards for major retailers.


Scan any item and RedLaser will compare the prices at other stores and even websites like eBay.


While this app may only be for clothes, it can still save you so much money. The best part is that the app allows you to set reminders for when a coupon is about to expire.




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