3 Tips To Have The BEST Staycation At Home

You might have a super busy work schedule, or perhaps your sister is due to have your new niece or nephew any day now. Whatever the reason for you not booking a vacation, and getting on a plane to tropical climes is, don’t worry; the following are some tips to get your home totally retreat ready. So, make yourself a cocktail (in a coconut, with a straw of course) and consider implementing some of the following ideas into your haven.

Satiate Your Senses

If the fresh smell of coconut, sea air, and tropical fruit instantly transport you to a far away destination, where all you have to do is choose which part of the beach you’re going to lie on, then bring those scents into your environment. There is a vast array of scented candles on the market, that are geared towards those who are missing their daily pina colada (and getting caught in the rain), and want to have all the good holiday vibes when they’re sat on the sofa, eating Ben and Jerry’s.

Fresh flowers and a steady flow of cool air, from an open window, are also ways to infuse color and a breezy atmosphere into your habitat. So, grab a weekly bunch of brightly hued petals from the flower market, on the way home from work on a Friday, and pop them in a vase in the hallway so that you;re greeted by them for the rest of the week.

Consider Your Style

If you’re really feeling the commitment to ensuring that you live somewhere other people would want to vacation, then why not consider investing in some larger items for your home. You can do a little research into natural island style, and check out the furniture by Tommy Bahama to bring warm wooden textures and silhouettes into your living space.

Perhaps you’re used to a particular thread count when you go away (how fancy), so why not adorn your bed, with some hotel-style sheets, and sink back into vacay mode every time you drift off to sleep. If you stumble across some rattan, woven, or wicker furniture in a vintage store, or at a flea market, and it reminds you of your favorite getaway; grab it (don’t forget to pay for it in your excitement though). By adding items that remind you of chilling out in the sunshine, to the areas of your home that you spend the most time relaxing in; you’ll ensure that your home becomes the only destination you want to rebook.

Treat Yo’self

You know you’re in vacation mode when you’re eating delicious food, drinking fun cocktails, and listening to the perfect chill out music; you can achieve all of these things every weekend at home, so what are you waiting for? Get your favorite food and nibbles from the grocery store and eat them as you listen to Bob Marley.

Invite your friends over for a night of cocktail making and a BBQ; everyone can bring an ingredient and you’ll be a margarita expert before you know it. Vacations are all about having a special time, making memories, and having plenty of treats; so if you’re having a staycation this year, why not do exactly the same things!

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