Best Summer Bathing Suit Trends

by Santina Cillo
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Ah, summer is finally here and that means buying super cute trendy swimsuits! Whether you’re going on vacation or just lounging around your pool, a new suit is definitely a must. Here at Sarah Scoop, we want to give you the latest styles and trends so that you can rock your body this summer! Below, I’ve collected cute bathing suits from Target so that there is no need to order online while hoping it fits. This will allow you to drive down to a nearby Target and try it on for yourself!

1. High-Waisted Bathing Suit

This suit will make you feel confident and comfortable. With high-waisted swimsuits, it allows you to not show too much skin while still showing off your curves. This suit is also perfect for all body types!

2. Bandeau Bathing Suit

A bandeau swimsuit is a great choice that eliminates those strappy tan lines on your shoulders after laying out! You will find that this style is very comfortable, while giving great support.

3. One-Piece Bathing Suit

This bathing suit may be old school, but it has so many advantages! For one, it covers your body more while protecting it from the sun. It also flawlessly outlines your body. Wear any of these suits and you’ll be confidently rocking that summer body.

4. Triangle Bathing Suit

A classic style for sure. This suit will allow you to adjust it to your liking, while giving you the best support. The minimal coverage will also leave you with a nice sun-kissed tan.

I hope you loved these bathing suits picked from Target as much as I do. Now go out there and buy some cute and affordable swimsuits!

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