The Best (Worst) Kept Secret To Looking Younger

We are always striving to find the secret of eternal youth.  Years ago it was believed there was even a fountain you could drink from! Although that legend may seem a little silly to us now, there may be a little more truth to it than your image.

If you spend your time searching for the best tips to keep you looking younger for longer then there is a good chance you will already have the answer.  You are just not taking it seriously.  So let’s talk about the one and only thing you should be doing to keep young and beautiful.

So, what is this secret we are talking of? Easy.  Taking steps to ensure proper hydration.  That is it.  Honestly.  Forget botox, fillers or special chemical peels.  They can help but they aren’t the answer.  Drinking lots of water is biggest secret to eternal youth.  

Some of the symptoms of dehydration are headaches, poor digestion and blotchy skin.  Not to mention that by not drinking enough water, we retain water, which can make us look fatter.  Most of us are guilty of not drinking enough water and thinking we can get away with it, however one of the first places to show the signs of a lack of H2O in your diet is your skin.  Meaning you will suffer wrinkles sooner and your skin will age quicker.  You will also lose energy which can make you want to stay static.  This can lead to depression and as a side effect, you will feel and behave older than you are.  Young people are active and full of vitality.

A good way of testing if this claim is true, is to try it out.  Drink three liters (12 glasses) of water per day for a month and see what happens to your health

You will notice that you have to pee a lot more often.  This is great as your body is now flushing out toxins that can increase the aging process.  You will notice improvement in your flexibility which will make staying active easier.  Your complexion will start to shine, your breath will be fresher and your headaches will disappear.  You will also notice your ability to concentrate is on another level.  It is quite likely you will lose weight and some people see losses of up to 6lbs across the month, without even changing the way they eat.  You could also lose up to an inch on your waistline which will make you feel more confident and, confidence is another key to looking young, even if you are actually quite old.  

Another bi product of drinking more water is that you will feel fuller and snack less.  Over 37 percent of people mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger.

The biggest difference you will notice will be your eyes.  Water is essential for eye health and the delicate skin around your eyes.  You will notice that dark rings will vanish.  You eyes will be clearer, sharper and brighter.

So, stop looking for the next big secret to youth and start sipping from your own fountain of eternal youth.  See if you can drop 10 years from your age!

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