Exclusive Interview: Elena Davies from Big Brother 19

by Sarah Scoop

Elena Davies played in season 19 of the hit show Big Brother. The show follows 12-16 players shut off from the outside world as they participate in competitions all summer long to win $500,000. Elena gives us an inside look at how she got onto the show and what it was like for her.

How Elena got on the show

Elena was one of few house guests who were actually reached out to. “I got reached out to by somebody who worked as a recruiter for the casting company. They were just like ‘hey I think you would be good on the show’. I guess she had been following me on Instagram or knew me from the radio personality I was before. She’s the one that inspired me to try out. Even throughout the entire process I was like okay I’m doing this but there is no way they’re gonna pick me out of however many crazy people are applying for this show, like why me?”

It’s not unusual for this to happen on Big Brother. They try to find house guests who have never really watched the show or those who they think will have a great shot at winning.

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Elena’s advice on how to be chosen

Elena gives great advice through out her interview. This piece of advice just stuck out the most.

“So my best advice for anyone wanting to apply for big brother is to be yourself. I know it’s so Cliche but at the end of the day that’s what they want to see. You cannot fake it 24/7 for four months. Show them who you are, maybe be an exaggeration of yourself.  You know they like a personality. Tell a lot of stories and just show the casting people that you want to compete. Nobody wants a boring game player. So really prove to them that you’re gonna go in there and fight to win. If somebody stabs you in the back you’re out for revenge. Show them that you’re ready to play”

Although it is what most Big Brother contestants say once they get off the show, it is the most valuable. People tend to forget that while yes, it is a television show, the producers and the audience want to get to know who you truly are. Being who they are have helped countless house guests in the past. Especially with the all time favorite twist of America’s choice.

What Elena wishes she could change


“I wanna get back and kinda prove to myself more than anything that I can play a better game. That I can win at comps and that I can make big game moves.”

There are many things Elena wishes she could go back and do over, but encouraging Jessica was her biggest wish. “I wish I would’ve really encouraged Jessica to use her veto to take Ramses off the block and put Paul up. Granted he probably wouldn’t of gone home, he probably would’ve had those votes, but at least Josh would’ve gone home”

How she feels about becoming a role model


“I went on the show to play a game and to win 500,000 dollars. It’s tough to be exactly who you want to be on a platform in that environment.”

Coming out of the house and learning that she was a role model was a shock for Elena. She had no idea that competing on Big Brother would giver her such a big platform. “Hearing that I’m a role model to people is so crazy to me and I’m like ‘what have I done’. If they can relate to me and I made them laugh then like that’s a mission accomplished for me”

“Knowing I had that platform I really wanted to go in there and yeah play a game, win money. I also knew some people are gonna be watching this and have a really tough life back at home. I kinda wanted to be like a light in their lives, whether it was I make them laugh or distract them, or I’m really relate able or I’m funny. Whatever I could be to people watching, the content consumers, I wanted to relate to them. I wanted to be the girl that people said ‘I could be friends with that girl, she’s pretty cool’ and so hearing that is one of my biggest compliments.” Elena continues to be a role model to so many, with her relate able podcast discussions and consistent sharing on Instagram.

Make sure to listen to the full interview to get more insight on what Elena’s life has been like out side of the house. You can also watch Elena on this season of Ex on the Beach. She’ll be there with her BB ex Mark Jansen. Check out more Big Brother posts and different interviews.

The answers have been shortened and edited for clarity purpose.

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