Big Brother’s Zakiyah Everette: Advice For New Houseguests

by Logan Van Winkle
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Zakiyah Everette was a contestant on Big Brother 18 and a favorite here at SarahScoop.  We did a fun interview with Big Brother’s Zakiyah and she gave some great advice for future houseguests.

Her advice is pretty simple, “Listen to yourself, trust your gut, don’t trust so easily.” Living in a house full of strangers who are all out for themselves has to be tough.  Zakiyah shared the most challenging part. “Besides not being able to speak to loved ones, just the unknown, not knowing who is real with you, not knowing who genuinely has your best interest or back.”

Zakiyah gives advice for future Big Brother contestants

“Loyalty was a big thing to me and people crushing that really made me indifferent.  I could have cared less about judgment from people, that’s life you know? I just wanted to know that I was working with & connected to real people throughout this experience.”

Zakiyah’s Time on Big Brother

Zakiyah confirms her summer in the Big Brother house was a good one. She went in hoping for the best and was not disappointed. “Besides winning truthfully I had zero expectations of gaining anything else, I figured I could walk away gaining great relationships with cool people but that’s about it. It was a reality show, I didn’t expect anything major.”

“I wanted to win the competition and pay off school, get myself a decent car… that was the goal… everything else would have been a bonus.” She told us in her interview what motivated her to audition in the first place.

“I just ended a really bad relationship, I was pretty devastated, but I got myself together & I told myself that something good is around the corner, I felt it, I deserved it & I was ready to receive it.”

When Zakiyah confirmed she would be spending her summer in the Big Brother house, she went in with two strategies. “I wanted to work with someone that no one suspected me of working with, the other if strategy one wasn’t working, lay low, stay silent, and dabble in alliances… which ended up working for a little bit.”

There you have it, future Big Brother houseguests! Take Zakiyah’s advice as you play Big Brother and trust your gut! It could even lead to you winning the show and having $500,000 more than you did before the show. Read her full interview here.

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