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Black is synonymous with mystery, intrigue and sophistication. White is synonymous with purity, peace and goodness. Pair them together and you have a super chic look! Both these colors, although considered “neutrals” in the fashion world, command so much attention when worn and rarely look bad. When you pair these colors together, they form a beautiful silhouette and command double the attention. Adding prints to the mix makes these colors a little more difficult to wear, but when it looks right, it is SO right. Here are some ways you can try black and white print… Note: If you’re feeling a little apprehensive, try a simple geometric print first and slowly work your way to a daring zebra print!

This first dress from White House Black Market is very sophisticated and a great place to start for those who aren’t so keen on prints. It is a great length for those who may have bigger thighs as it just skims the knee, it’s great for those with a smaller bust because of the high neckline, and it adds the illusion of curves with the small amount of print positioned in the middle of the dress. Adding a belt, as shown in the picture, will only emphasize the curves. This dress is gorgeous and so easy to pull off. That’s the beauty of black and white – you can make the rest of your outfit as simple or as complicated as you wish! With prints though, it’s usually best to stay simple so as not to compete with the print!

Next we have a geometric print dress from Anthropologie. Now, this type of print is a little harder to pull off but definitely gives you a curvier looking shape if that’s what you were looking for. Although this print is less busy, so to speak, you do need to keep your hair and makeup simpler with a dress like this because, although not busy, it is a stand-out print.

Finally for the dresses we have the next step up – all over print. This dress from is designed to look like a Victoria Beckham dress with the halter straps designed the way they are. This dress is extremely busy so it takes a lot of courage to pull off as it is a dress that won’t be kind to all body shapes and sizes, but if you can pull it off, it really is a beautiful statement dress!

An important point about print dresses: Everyone loves to try out a print but you need to make sure it is the right print for you! Zebra print, for example, looks amazing when done right, but if not, it can be extremely unflattering. Take into account the dress shape you should be wearing too and that will help narrow down print choices. You can do this by following the guidelines from a previous SarahScoop article:

Black and white prints do not only apply to fashion. They can look great in your home! Although too much black and white can look somewhat sterile, black and white accents against an duck egg blue color, for example, exudes calmness and sophistication.

You can also add black and white print jewelry to the mix if you want. They can brighten up a plain outfit very quickly and are super cute, like this China Baroque pendant here. This particular pendant was handmade using broken china – the end result is a timeless, sophisticated piece that you can pair with anything. – Houston

Black and white print is a great way to add sophistication, fun or a little drama into your life. Although black and white are seen by some as somewhat boring by themselves, black and white prints are anything but!

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