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 Some women are born with an instinct for knowing how things work—and what to do when they break.


Caroline MacAfee is a skilled carpenter, her daughter Jamie, a talented architect. Together they are the faces of Gut It!, a home renovation series on local public television. Caroline takes pride in her work, and in the way she connects with the show’s audience.  But when she is told the network wants her daughter to replace her as host-the day after Caroline’s fifty-sixth birthday-she is devastated. The fallout couldn’t come at a worse time.

For Jamie, life changes overnight when, soon after learning of the host shift, her father and his new wife die in a car accident that orphans their two-year-old son. Accustomed to organization and planning, she is now grappling with a toddler who misses his parents, a fiancé who doesn’t want the child, a staggering new attraction, and a work challenge that, if botched, could undermine the future of both MacAfee Homes and Gut It!

For Caroline, hosting Gut It! is part of her identity. Facing its loss, she feels betrayed by her daughter and old in the eyes of the world. Her ex-husband’s death thrusts her into the role of caregiver to his aging father. And then there’s Dean, a long-time friend, whose efforts to seduce her awaken desires that have been dormant for so long that she feels foreign to herself.

Who am I? Both women ask, as the blueprints they’ve built their lives around suddenly need revising. While loyalties shift, decisions hover, and new relationships tempt, their challenge comes not only in remaking themselves, but in rebuilding their relationship with each other.

BARBARA DELINSKY is the author of twenty-one New York Times bestselling books. She has been published in twenty-eight languages worldwide. A lifelong New Englander, Delinsky earned a B.A. in psychology at Tufts University and an M.A. in sociology at Boston College. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, more books than she’ll ever be able to read, two tennis racquets, and enough electronic devices to keep in close touch with her children and their families.


One lucky Sarah Scoop reader is going to win a copy of Blueprints + a $50 Home Depot gift card.

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  1. Lisa Brown says

    I want to win to read the book, then shop for paint at the HD

  2. Mary Happymommy says

    I’d like to win because we bought a house recently and could buy some items at Home Depot.

  3. steve weber says

    I would love to win because I love reading and also I have a ton of new home projects to work on – we just bought a house.

  4. Elena says

    I want to win because I would like to use this gift card to buy some paint

  5. Julie Wood says

    I love to read and this book looks so intriguing that I really want to read it and find out how the characters solve their problems. I also love doing Home Improvement projects!

  6. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I want to win because I’d love to read a new book and I need a new lamp!

  7. Janet W. says

    I’d love to win because I enjoy reading and would like to read this, and I could always spend money at Home Depot!

  8. Natalie says

    I want to win because my parents and I are in the process of building their retirement home. We need carpet and tools.

  9. Jessica To says

    I would like to win because I have read most of Barbara Delinsky’s books and can’t wait to read this one.

  10. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I’d like to win because I’m trying to read more! I’d also love to create a cozy window seat in my livingroom!

  11. Barbara Montag says

    I would like to win because we want to paint a few accent walls.
    thank you

  12. shelly peterson says

    I would like to win to have a new book and use the gc for some paint.

  13. Kristin Goodson says

    I would love to read the book and we are remodeling so a gift card would come in handy!

  14. HS says

    I want to win to get tiles and paint from Home Depot.

  15. Melissa L. says

    I want to win as we are working on redecorating our home. Thanks for the chance!

  16. Kelly D says

    I want to win because this sounds like a great book and I would buy gardening supplies at Home Depot.

  17. Rust says

    I would like to win b/c anew Delinsky novel would be great …and a new lamp to read by.

  18. Beth Hill says

    I want to win because I need some reading material while my son fishes and also would LOVE the home depot card!

  19. Virginia Rowell says

    I would love to try a Barbara Delinsky book. It sounds like a great read and I am always looking for new authors to read.

  20. Sarah Hayes says

    i would love to win this for a friend! I know they would love it. thanks for the review

  21. Tabathia B says

    I love to read and have read her before in the past and wouldn’t mind reading this book and could use the gift card for supplies for my home

  22. Serge B says

    I need some books for summer reading

  23. Nicole Dziedzic says

    I want to win cause i need a new novel for my summer beach bag!

  24. amy pugmire says

    we love home depot and could use some things to fix up the home.

  25. Kari says

    This sounds like a perfect summer read! And, the gift card would help us as we work on our back yard and patio area.

  26. Kim Henrichs says

    I would love to win because I have to buy a new toilet and this would cut the price in half!

  27. Ashley C says

    Now that it’s summer I’m looking for some new books to read on my patio!


  28. Kim Kihega says

    I would like to win because I need a new book to read this summer, and would like to buy some plants for the yard.

  29. Susan Christy says

    I’ve enjoyed all of the Barbara Delinsky books I’ve read. My house always needs work so I spend a lot of time and money at Home Depot.

  30. Leela says

    We’re in the process of fixing up an old house we moved into.

  31. usnamom2014 says

    I would love to win this and redo my bedroom with a new Behr paint color.

  32. Thomas Murphy says

    I want to win because it sounds like a great book and I love Home depot!

  33. melanied says

    I love reading new books.

  34. Annabellainla says

    Because I can definitely use a Home Depot Gift Card

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