Bonzai Bowls


Snacking right in the summer heat can be difficult. You want something cold and refreshing while keeping the calorie count low and the nutrition high.

Something that I’ve been obsessing over this summer is the bonzai bowl. For those of you who don’t know, bonzai bowls are bowls of blended fruit topped with granola, goji berries, fresh fruit, and nuts. The bases of these bonzai bowls usually denote their more specific name, such as açai bowls with açai as the blended base and pitaya bowls with pitaya as the blended base. You can also choose the liquid that the fruit base is blended with, including but not limited to: water, almond milk, hemp milk, and lemonade. With a little powdered protein added into the mixture, they are amazing after-workout meals or just delicious healthy snacks.

Bonzai bowls are a great way to get your daily fill of fruit in a new, tasty way. However, you need to be careful about protein size and sugary granola. Sugar blasted granola will cancel out most of the health benefits. Either get a small amount of granola or make sure that it’s fairly basic. Also, the portion sizes of these bowls can get enormous. For some reason, bowl places like to think that you need enough to feed a family of 4 in just one bowl. The calorie count of the larger bowls can be from 650-1200. Totally crazy right? Get the smallest bowl possible, or share it!

You can either make your own bonzai bowl in a blender with frozen açai packs (sold at grocery stores) or, if you’re lucky, come across a place that sells them fresh!

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