3 Secrets to Boost Confidence and Make Them Say…You Look Amazing!

by Sarah Ruhlman
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As every good rom-com will let you know; a makeover is always the start of a big life asserting change. Whether you’ve got a new job, have just been dumped, are moving to a new town or are just trying something new; the makeover is what will get you started. Unfortunately, though, it’s not quite as easy as walking into a no-money-needed, endless closet. Everything is going to cost something. And it’s about being brave too! You’re going to be trying something completely brand new with your appearance and that itself can be daunting.


People are always going to notice a major difference in your appearance, and it’s good to prepare yourself for their comments. At the end of the day – as long as you’re happy it doesn’t matter at all what they think. So make your changes with confidence!

1. Whip your hair…

…to the other side! If you have always worn your hair in the center or with a right-handed parting, a great way to play with your look is to flip things around! It’s truly amazing how different you will look with just this simple change. By doing this, you could increase volume in your hair and frame your face in a totally different way. If you love your long hair but want a change – play with your parting to get the impact of change without losing any of the length. Don’t make the part too precise either – flip your head forward and let it fall where it wants to! Messy, effortless hair is pretty cool right now.

2. Boost your locks

One of the hottest trends at the moment is to wear hair extensions – not only to add length to your locks – but to essentially make it look thicker. Padding out thin or fine hair with luxurious brazilian hair that is sleek, soft and healthy will give you a super boost. To go from scraggly and uneven hair to thick hair will completely makeover your mood. Your hair is your crowning glory and if you haven’t been blessed with the best, there’s always something that can be done to help you along the way. No one ever has to know! Visit your hairdresser and see whether they’ll pop in your extensions for you if you need help.

3. Accessorize all of the things

If your budget doesn’t allow for a brand new Chanel laden wardrobe, you might want to think about accessories. There are so many accessories to play with, and they can completely change up the vibe of an outfit you’ve worn 100 times. Bags and shoes can be colorful instead of black and wear a ribbon in your hair to add an unexpected element to your look. It’s really important that you have fun with your outfits and adding accessories to your is an easy way to do it. Try a floral headband in a kind of cute Snapchat fashion or wear a hat. Trying new things will instantly give your look a refresh.

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