Boost The Value Of Your Home With These Easy Tricks

Whether you want to increase the value of your home because you’re trying to sell up or you just like a challenge, there are plenty of fairly easy, fairly cheap tricks you can have up your sleeve.

There are well known tricks of the trade that will help add dollars to the value of your home and sometimes all it takes is a little D.I.Y, plus oodles of determination. There are times when you really should let the the professional’s do it but you could save yourself a lot of money by undertaking some of the D.I.Y tasks yourself.


If you do decide to move after making your changes then be sure to track mortgage rates before signing on the dotted line with your next home.

1. Consult with a pro

You might not be able to stretch your budget to inviting them to actually do the work in your home but you could pay an interior designer or realtor to come into your home and advise you on what to improve and change. You can spend an hour with them asking about ideas to make your home more valuable based on your budget and skill level.

2. Spread the paint to spread the love

One of the simplest things you can do to improve the value if your home is to give the walls a lick of paint. You don’t need to splash out on expensive new furniture or house extensions if you don’t want to. It will keep your house looking clean and well presented and all it takes is a few hours and wearing a pair of old jeans.

3. Do some low maintenance landscaping

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you suddenly have to transform into a landscape gardener as that takes time, practice and serious skill, but you could try adding a few things to your garden to jazz it up a little. Take a trip to your local garden centre and get a few standout plants. If you’re a busy individual then opt for the low maintenance ones that don’t need watering as much as the others.

4. Inspect your home and spot the problems for yourself

Whilst getting the professionals in to help with interior design and the like is a great way to boost your homes value, there are some things that can be spotted by anyone and everyone. If you have deteriorating roofs, peeling wallpaper and loose wires hanging all over the place then you know what you need to do. Tie up loose ends before starting on any new home improvement projects. A bit of home maintenance will go a long way.

5. Ditch those godawful lumpy, bumpy popcorn ceilings

These were super popular back in the day, but things have changed since your parents bought their first home and don’t allow yourself to lose out on money just because you’re ceilings are more than a little outdated. After you’ve checked that it’s safe to do so (some old ceilings contain asbestos which is extremely dangerous so make sure you’re in the clear before you embark on this project by getting them tested by professionals), take a trip to the local hardware store and buy a solution to soften the texture. Once it’s worked its magic, all you need to do is scrape the horrible bumps off and give it a layer of paint.

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