Tips for Ladies to Boost Your Health & Confidence


For most women Health and confidence go hand in hand. Physician and Health Expert Dr. Yael Vernado shared the scoop on some confidence boosters that will help the overall health. Check out her amazing tips in this video! 

Dr. Yael Varnado, known as “Dr. V” is a practicing physician at The Johns Hopkins Hospital with over a decade of experience.  Dr V is a regular medical guest on CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, Fox, Today, NBC, CBS, Women’s Health, Shape and many more.  Dr V’s professional medical highlights include conducting and publishing breast cancer research and founding a non-profit organization focused on providing healthcare to undeserved populations, among many other accomplishments. In addition to working as a physician, Dr V is a wife, a mother, and a friend to women and men with questions and concerns about their well being.

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