Boston Market Low Carb – Keto Diet Guide

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If you’re on a low carb, KETO diet and you have a busy lifestyle, don’t worry. We have the scoop on the carb count of all the best foods at Boston Market. I categorize the carb count by the different menu items and meals at Boston Market like Rotisserie Chicken and fresh steamed vegetables.

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Here’s the KETO scoop and carb count for Boston Market!

Keto Guide and Carb Count

  • Meals-
    • Half Rotisserie Chicken: 2
    • Quarter Dark Rotisserie Chicken: 1
    • Larger Roast Beef Brisket: 1
    • Regular Roast Beef Brisket: 0
    • Large Turkey Breast: 2
    • Regular Turkey Breast: 1
  • Sides-
    • Fresh Steamed Vegetables: 8
    • Caesar Side Salad: 8
    • Garlicky Lemon Spinach: 7
    • Green Beans: 9
  • Sandwiches-
    • Roasted Turkey Carver: 62
    • Rotisserie Chicken Carver: 62
    • Roasted Beef Brisket Dip Carver: 58
  • Salads-
    • Mediterranean Salad Entree: 14
    • Caesar Salad Entree: 16
  • Desserts-
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie: 50
    • Apple Pie Slice: 59
    • Chocolate Cake Slice: 67

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