Brandon Ray Shares About Newest Single “Ends Of The Earth”

Brandon Ray has been taking the country world by storm with his part country, part rock n’ roll tunes. He recently opened up to us about how he got started in the country music industry, and what we can expect from him in the future. Now, Brandon is here to talk to us about his newest single, Ends of the Earth.

You’ve seemed to be busy touring. How has that been? 

We’ve been out every weekend playing shows and it’s been a BLAST! Basically, we’ve been to every corner of the country these past 6 months and it’s not slowing down. We’ve hit Maine, San Diego, Wisconsin, Iowa, and so many more – it’s a dream to travel the country playing music.

You’re about to release a new single, “Ends of the Earth.” Tell us a little bit about that. 

“Ends of the Earth” was written by Ross Copperman, Jon Nite, and Nicolle Galyon. First time I heard it, I loved it! I started playing it out and then decided to record it. It’s kind of unreal that I can say this, but Ross Copperman and Keith Urban co-produced this song for me.

What influenced the song? 

I’m sure their own relationships influenced the song, but what made me want to record it is exactly how I feel about my own. I tour and am gone nonstop and oddly enough, that has brought my wife and I closer – even though we hardly ever see each other. I would truly do anything for her.

How would you compare it to your past music? 

I would say there’s a little more pop influence on this track. As you can imagine, having Keith apart of it, he brought it to life in his own way – which I love!

Can you give us a lyric or two from the song?

“I’d go to the ends of the earth for you / to the moon and back like it ain’t nothing new / when I’ve got my arms wrapped around ya girl / it’s like I’m holding the whole wide world/ you’re the closest thing to heaven / this side of that sun setting / and I won’t stop til I’ve been to the ends of the earth for you”

What can we expect after “Ends of the Earth?” 

We are in the studio recording more songs that we can’t wait to get out there.

Do you have a final message for fans looking forward to hearing the song?

Thank you for supporting new artists like myself – it means more than you’ll ever know. Without you listening and sharing, I wouldn’t even have a shot.

Check out Brandon’s newest single here, and on Spotify. Also, be sure to keep up with him on social media!

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