Budget Yet Beautiful- Spruce A New Home Without Breaking The Bank

Home is where the heart is, and a space that’s your own to decorate with the things you love is a sure way to make you feel happy, independent and free. Have you just moved into a new home, or are you currently on the lookout for your perfect new abode?

Finding the perfect home can be a struggle, since you have so many things to take into consideration. Many of us want somewhere that’s in a nice neighborhood and close to local amenities, low crime rates and not too far from family and friends. If your current home doesn’t fit the bill, it might be a cue to move. Sites like umovefree can help you find the perfect property, you can check out umovefree reviews online. Once you’ve found the home that’s perfect for you, here are some of the ways you can personalize it without breaking the bank.

Plants and Flowers

Nothing is quite as cheery as a gorgeous vase of flowers sat on a table or desk. Bouquets from a florist can set you back a lot, but you can buy inexpensive posies from grocery stores without spending much at all. Alternatively you could go on a meadow walk and pick a big bunch of pretty wildflowers to display. Just make sure you’re allowed to pick flowers on the land, anything that has been planted on purpose will be out of bounds. You can buy living potted plants for a couple of dollars from Ikea, the green foliage is a nice way to dress up a blank canvas if you’ve gone with neutral walls. Providing you care for them correctly they will last you forever, growing into far larger plants over the years.

Art and Wall Hangings

Adding art to a room is a great way to bring in personality, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. You could create a gallery wall and display lots of different pieces that interest you. You can buy frames from places like Dollar stores, and art prints, quotes, and designs can be purchased on sites like Etsy for next to nothing which you can download and print off yourself. You could even have a go at designing your own prints on a free editor online. If you’re artistic, how about painting a canvas or framing a picture you’ve drawn yourself in a large frame?


Soft Furnishings

Cushions, throws, curtains, and rugs can all be found on sites like eBay for much cheaper than you’d find on the high street. You could also try bargain and clearance stores such as TJ Maxx for reduced pieces. Not only are these practical as they’re soft and cozy to sit on, but they also bring in color, texture, and personality to the room too. Switching out (or adding) accessories can completely change how the room looks without having to spend money or go through the hassle of redecorating.

Are you in the process of sprucing up a new home?

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