How to Build your Twitter Following

Recently, social media has become a key way to keep in touch, reach out to others, and express your thoughts. Twitter, which allows you to share your opinions, talk about what you’re doing, etc., is a great way to express yourself or put your company out there. But what if the only people looking at your tweets are your sister, best friend and co-worker? If that’s the case, follow these quick tips to build your Twitter following.

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1. Tweet frequently:

If you’re only tweeting once every two weeks, odds are people aren’t going to find your content interesting enough to throw you a follow. According to, people who tweeted fewer than 1,000 times typically had fewer than 100 followers, while people who tweeted more than 10,000 times typically had anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 followers. That’s a huge increase just for saying what’s on your mind.

2. Tweet consistently:

In addition to tweeting daily rather than weekly (or monthly), develop a pattern of when you’re going to tweet. For example, if you take the train to work every day, take that opportunity to formulate a great tweet to start your day. Do the same thing on your lunch break and on your way home. Formulating a consistent pattern helps to keep up your frequent tweeting, leading to more followers.  The more you tweet, the better.

3. Use #hashtags in your tweets:

When you create a hashtag (putting a “#” before a word), your tweet then gets filtered and can be seen by others who search that particular hashtag. Hashtags lead to more favorites, retweets, and ultimately more follows because they allow for many other people to see your tweets rather than just people who are following you. However, don’t overdo it with the hashtags; limit it to no more than three in a tweet, otherwise it could look to fabricated.

4. Keep your Twitter public:

If you are one who is extremely concerned about privacy, create a twitter name that doesn’t give away your identity and keep your location off (and try not to put your hometown in your bio). This will help ease your mind. Keeping your Twitter public allows people to see your tweets and decide whether or not they want to follow you. For example, if you constantly have funny tweets, people who visit your Twitter account will be able to see these tweets and be more willing to follow you than if you’re account were private. Also, if your Twitter is not public, people who search a hashtag you’ve used won’t be able to see your tweet.

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