Can You Ever Get The Figure You Want? (Body Type Tips)

Lots of us wish we could have a more slender figure. Some of us wish our muscles were more toned. Others wish our tummies were flatter. While most of us are happy to settle for the bodies we’re in, there can be times when we wonder if we’ll ever be able to get that dream figure. The idea of the perfect body comes from magazine images. The photography is carefully lit, then airbrushed and edited to create the perfect look. So is it fair to expect that we can look like that in real life?

I’m not daft. I know that the photos in the beauty mags aren’t a true representation of a real woman. But that doesn’t mean I can’t imagine myself looking that hot! What would I do with a body like that, though? Would I want to show it off? Is that really who I am or would a fabulous body turn me into some sort of exhibitionist? I’m not sure. But if I had worked really hard to achieve it then maybe I would want to show off the results!

We’re all told that diet and exercise are the way to achieve the figure we want. I’m not certain that is entirely true. If I want to look and feel fabulous, I can simply put together a great outfit with accessories. And if I dress for my body shape, I can make sure my figure looks fabulous too, regardless of the lumps and bumps underneath.


Diet and exercise can only do so much. I know that we are all affected by genetics as well. We can’t change our DNA, and we can’t change our skeletons. We will only ever be one particular shape no matter how hard we work and diet. Sure, we can tone those muscles, tighten those buns and flatten that tummy. But I’m not convinced any of us can look like those airbrushed figures in the mags.

For me, eating healthily is really important. I know my skin looks its best when I’ve kept away from processed foods for a while. And good food improves your clarity of thought too. I think your diet can affect your moods and your hormones as well. Fresh foods will always be the best option. But that doesn’t mean you should deny yourself life’s little pleasures. Under eating will hinder your weight loss attempts and so will being miserable!

I love working out as well. It makes me feel good, and it gives me the strength and energy I need every day. And yes, it keeps that unwanted weight off. When I do a core workout, I do feel like my tummy is tightening and getting flatter. We’ve all got one or two saggy bits we wish we could sculpt. I think there are exercises for everything. Toning, strengthening, tightening, refining, and sculpting are all the buzzwords you hear right now. Exercises and stretches can keep your body in good shape. But can they really give you the shape you want?

If you enlist the help of a personal trainer, chances are the results you’ll see will be better than if you try to go it alone. Those that know a thing or two about nutrition can prepare meal plans to maximize the impact of all that physical hard work. Boot camps and extensive running training can be great ways to shift quickly excess fat and tone muscles. The results are dramatic and quick. But will it be enough?

I think sometimes we need to readjust our expectations of what can be achieved. A healthy weight is good. It can be achieved with a healthy diet and regular exercise. But a supermodel’s figure might not be something you can get. Can you settle for a strong, fit and healthy body?

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Of course, there are other ways to sculpt your body. In recent years, cosmetic surgery has become more widely available and cheaper in price. This has made it more mainstream. It’s more popular than ever. You can have surgery to reverse the signs of aging on your face. Or you can sculpt your body in ways no diet or exercise ever could.

Surgery is a big deal, though. You need to be sure you’re picking the right plastic surgeon for your procedure. One of the most popular procedures to have done is a boob job. To create the right hourglass figure, the chest needs to be in the right place and the right size in relation to the shoulders and hips. Some girls are too big on top while others may have nothing there at all.

If you’ve had a baby, then your chest may no longer be recognizable as your own! Pregnancy and nursing can change your body quite drastically. This is why there are so many Mommy Makeover packages available these days. They offer you a chance to restore your original figure. You can visit ROXY Plastic Surgery to find out more about what is involved. It can be hugely beneficial when you feel like your body is no longer your own.

There are some activities that you can do to help enhance the appearance of your body. Anything that improves and strengthens your posture can help give you a better shape. Standing up straight with strength and length in the neck also gives the appearance of confidence and vitality. Yoga and dancing are both very good for improving your posture. And when your posture is good, you can feel more vibrant and energetic too.

If you’re looking to improve your figure, there are several things you can try. But it’s important not to expect a shape that simply doesn’t exist. Instead, be happy with the body you’re in. You can always improve it later. Good food, plenty of exercises, and some posture strengthening are a good start. Sometimes plastic surgery can help enhance those areas that are lacking a little. Perhaps the most important part of being happy with your figure is to know you’re good enough no matter what. Love your body.

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