Can You REALLY Work From Anywhere?

Is it really possible to live and work just about anywhere? The internet has made just about anything possible, and it’s not unrealistic to work and travel at the same time. Finding the right way to do it can be hard work, and it take a certain amount of savvy to be able to pull it off. But it certainly isn’t impossible.



Who wants to be stuck in the rat race forever? Living for the weekends is no fun.Working to live is not exactly everything that it’s cracked up to be either. Getting the work/life balance right is something so many of us find a real bugbear. It isn’t easy!

The first steps to doing something new are always the hardest. If you’re going to embark on such a big adventure, it might mean you have to give up your current job. Can you survive without your current salary? Would you even want to? When you work for someone else, you have security in the form of benefits. Things like holiday pay and sick pay are just a dream for most people who work for themselves. If you’ve always been somewhat on the conventional side, you might find this apparent throwing caution to the wind just too much. It takes an extraordinary amount of self-belief and a little madness to start up on your own.

There are practicalities, whatever niche you’re planning to work in. You will need a physical address for correspondence. Are you going to be moving around a lot or want an address based in a particular country? It makes sense to keep things simple and use an international mailbox forwarding service. You can have your mail sent to one address, and your mail will be scanned and emailed to you. It’s strictly confidential and will save you the hassle of trying to arrange your mail to get to you. It’s quicker, too! You’ll need decent tech and more than one laptop. Chances are if something is going to go wrong with your device, it’s going to be at a terrible time. Make sure you have a backup, or you could lose your income.

So you’ll be able to work pretty much anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Of course, you can use mobile data, but that could incur you a lot of charges. Again, they’re tax deductible, but until you’re established, you’ll want to preserve cash. Another pitfall of being freelance is that invoices are often paid late, and cash flow can become a real problem. Late payers have been the downfall of many a freelancer. It’s frustrating and hard, so you should try and build up a portfolio of reliable clients. But that’s easier said than done!

Finding work can be tough for any sort of freelancer. You may have to start off accepting a lesser fee to build your customer base. Try online to find remote working opportunities, but don’t fall for scams. Never pay anything upfront for work. There are plenty of genuine opportunities; it just takes time to find them.

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