Canceled TV Shows We Wish Would Come Back

All this talk about “Boy Meets World” returning for a spinoff show got us thinking about other shows we wish would resurface and return to our televisions screens. Some of these we would like to see come back with a spinoff show or a reunion show, while others we just wish would come back and pick up right where they left off. Although our list could go on forever, here are five canceled TV shows that we wish would come back:

Who doesn’t love “Saved By The Bell?!” This awesome show lasted for many years and even had two spinoff series, but we still wish it would come back. Granted, reruns are always playing on MTV2, but we can’t help but wish we saw new episodes. It’d be interesting to see a new series in development focusing on one (or two…or all) of the characters from the original show. Where is Zach Morris now? Did Kelly and Zach ever have kids together? Did Screech ever land himself a girl? There are so many endless possibilities of what they can do with this. If only someone would listen to us and make it happen!

It’s a known fact that we will never get tired of “Full House.” No matter how many reruns we watch, it’ll just never get old. “Full House” would be the perfect show to make a comeback. We’re thinking a reunion series would be a lot of fun, with all the characters living back in their old house again. If that weren’t possible, though, we’d love to see a spinoff show focusing on maybe one of the Tanner sisters. We’d love to see where DJ, Steph or Michelle are now!

ABC’s “The Gates” only lasted one season and we’re still praying that it’ll one day come back. This show slid under the radar a bit, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you missed it. It actually was a great show, though, focusing on some supernatural characters living in a gated community. The entire season was great and we had even come to terms with the show being canceled as we watched the last episode, only to find out that it ended on a huge cliffhanger! To this day we are still wondering what is going to happen. We just wish they’d bring the show back so we could finally find out.

Another supernatural show that got canceled after only one season was the CW’s “The Secret Circle.” This show had an amazing cast with some great plot lines. Just like with “The Gates,” it ended with room for a second season. We’re still not entirely sure why this show got canceled, especially being that it has a huge fan base, and we’re really upset by it. If it ever decided to make it’s return to television for season two, we’d be quite alright with that!

Earlier this year, MTV came out with a new scripted show called “I Just Want My Pants Back.” This show was brilliant, creative and hysterical. The characters felt real, their stories felt real and everything about this show was just, well, real (aside from the fact that there were actors and scripts and it wasn’t actually real…but you get the point). We were really disappointed when we found out it wasn’t going to be returning for a second season. We definitely want “I Just Want My Pants Back”….back!

What canceled television shows do you wish would come back for a new season or a spinoff series? Let us know!


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    • Christy Maurer
    • November 29, 2012

    I wish Veronica Mars and The Nine Lives of Chole King would come back!

    • Katrien
    • November 30, 2012

    The Gates should definitely come back!!!

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