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If you’re a pet owner, you know how it feels to want to be with your animal all the time. Celebrities feel that way too, but it can sometimes be difficult for them to take their pets everywhere they have to travel. We can’t imagine leaving our beloved animals behind, but there are some celebrities who you never see without their dogs! Some celeb dogs have become celebrities in their own right, which is completely adorable.

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When we think of Ryan Gosling, we think of his furry BFF, George. This dog not only has an extremely handsome owner, but he also has the cutest haircut ever. Ryan has said that George has been sporting a mohawk for over a decade now and that when his fur grows out he gets cranky because he loves the mohawk so much! George has been in photoshoots with Ryan as well as interviews; he got to go on Jimmy Kimmel once! This dog seriously lives the life, and we’re slightly jealous of how good he’s got it.

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The notorious dog owner, Miley Cyrus, cannot stop adopting and rescuing more animals. She has so many dogs that it’s hard to count an exact number, but we’ve been made aware of Mate, Lila, Ziggy, Floyd, and Happy. Miley is always pictured with at least on of her four-legged friends no matter where she goes. Dogs are clearly a huge part of Miley’s life; we just hope that Liam is okay with sharing his fiancé with so many animals.

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President Obama runs the country in style… with a dog by his side, of course! Bo, the Obama’s Portuguese water dog, was given to the President’s family as a gift and has become quite the important member of the family. Malia Obama has pet allergies, so Bo fit right into the family with his hypoallergenic fur. Bo has been the First Dog since 2009, and now he has another four years of living it up in the White House.

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Ashley Benson loves to take pictures of her and her dog, Olive, whether it’s on her phone or her computer. Fans of Ashley can expect to see Olive in most of her Instagram or Twitter pictures, but it’s totally okay because this dog is super cute! We love it when Ashley and Olive get snapped in photos around California together; it’s so great that Olive gets to hang out with Ashley 24/7!

Does your favorite celebrity tote their dog around like an accessory? We want to hear from you!

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