A Few of Our Favorite Celebrity Siblings

Oh celebrities how we love them! We love hearing about their new projects and the gossip that enters their lives. Also, we’re always intrigued by their background: where they came from, who’s their parents and if they have siblings!

Yes, the most popular people on the planet are like us. They have those pesky younger bros that always play pranks, and older siblings who constantly make fun of them. However, here are a few celebrity siblings we’d all LOVE to meet:

Zac and Dylan Efron

We know Zac from his lovable smile in High School Musical and his more serious roles such as Charlie St. Cloud. Most recently, you can see Zac in the new John John denim advertise looking gorgeous! But he always takes time out to spend time with his younger brother, Dylan.

Taylor and Austin Swift
 We all know Tay for her upbeat country tunes and songs about exes, so is there any man in her life that she can rely on? Not only her father but her brother, Austin, too. Taylor is super close with her brother and sometimes she even brings him as her date to award shows. How cute!
Liam and Chris Hemsworth
 We were first struck with the Hemsworth genes when we saw Liam play opposite of Miley Cyrus in The Last Song. He captured everyone’s heart and made us want to find a boyfriend like him. You can see Liam in the upcoming Expendables 2 movie, and in Catching Fire, the second installment in the Hunger Games series.Then Chris became a household name after he headlined the movie, Thor, and he followed with The Avengers. Too bad Chris is married and has an adorable daughter, and in late June Liam and Miley became engaged. Another unknown fact about these Aussie brothers is they have an older brother named Luke.

Other Celebrity Siblings:

Josh and Connor Hutcherson
James and Dave Franco
Chord and Nash Overstreet              
Blake and Eric Lively


Scarlett Johansson and her twin brother, Hunter
Olsen sisters with their mom and brother, Trey.


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