Celebrity Style: Vashtie Kola

     Video director Vashtie Kola is not your typical New York socialite.  She rarely wears dresses, preferring her Jordans and cut-offs more.  And while most women are putting on their makeup, Vashtie is already out the door – au natural the majority of the time.

     It’s hard to believe that this fresh-faced tom-boy is 30.  In her 30 years however, she has built up a pretty impressive resume.  She is widely accredited for directing hip-hop videos and working for major music labels as a creative consultant.  Now, Miss Kola is seen posted on thousands of sites for her down to earth, carefree style.  There are blogs dedicated to the Indian & Trinidadian beauty, showcasing her love for funky, oversized tees and her massive shoe and sneaker collection.

   What I like personally about her is the fact that she stays true to her style and is a true trendsetter.  Recently, many young women have started to don Janet Jackson’s “Poetic Justice” braids and the vintage-hippie look, something that Vashtie Kola has done for years.  While most celebs are noted for their high-end fashion looks, Kola is alright with wearing clothing with no big name labels attached.  This curly haired beauty is more a fan of Supreme and Karmaloop rather than Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent (although she does favors her Chanel bag).  LOVE IT!!!


If you are impressed with her, emulating her style is a cinch.  Thrift stores can be your best friend if you are looking for the vintage look that Vashtie has down pat.  Goodwill is your friend, people!   There you can find button-ups and old-school tees galore.  Also check street-style clothing brands.  They may not make clothes specifically for women, but who says you can’t rock a Men’s Small?  Also, a big part of the way she dresses is her sneakers.  She even has her own pair of Jordan Retro 2’s in a pretty, lavender color.  Way to look out for the true female sneakerheads! (myself included)

Keep up with the great Vashtie on her blog: Vashtie.com/blog, Tumblr:  Vashtie.tumblr.com, and Twitter: Twitter.com/Vashtie (Easy to remember, right?).  She loves to update her fans and supporters with a mix of her business and personal life.  Stay tuned for her cool fashion choices and videos!

-Kairi C.

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